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This year, Madden 21's goal is to "provide full control of players on both sides of the ball." How exactly will it be done? Glad you asked!

Although the release of Madden NFL is an annual event, the EA Sports team always hopes to improve the previous version by improving MUT Coins and stricter controls. Their success has been almost always debated, but since last year’s game was one of the best Madden versions in recent memory, everyone’s attention is focused on Madden 21 and its release on August 28.

This year, Madden 21's goal is to "provide full control of players on both sides of the ball." How exactly will it be done? Glad you asked.

Madden 21's changes started from the scrimmage line, focusing mainly on the defensive line and passing position. The Pass rusher control will use the correct joystick and trigger to allow players to dynamically control the actions they want the player to take at the exact moment. The trainer on the screen will show which moves are being performed and whether they are successful, and indicate whether they are executed on time, late or early.

The hope of the new hurdle control is that it will allow the addition of a layer of skills and strategies to make rushing hurdle games interesting and challenging for all players, not just a good place for novices.

The control of the offensive end of the ball is also undergoing "overhaul". The right lever is the main tool used by the player to control the defender. When avoiding defenders in open areas, chuckles, spins, and intermittent steps seem to highlight the actions available to players, all of which can be linked together to create a prominent runner-type run. This year also added new dead leg and sidebar movements, and added tracks for each runner.

The new animation will allow defenders to better position themselves to prevent this year's running. Unlike the past few years where the defender will launch at full speed and tackle at a terrible angle, the defender now prepares Buy MUT 20 Coins for impact, which can provide a more realistic feeling when the coverage is broken and provide the defender with Provides a better opportunity to stop the ball carrier while preventing damaged tackles. Of course, time is everything, so a poorly scheduled tackle (or a mismatched player) will still give the ball player a chance to get rid of the tackle.

In the EA Madden NFL Twitch live stream on Thursday night, viewers can gain insight into the upcoming Madden 21 game upgrade. These include MUT Coins, regional decline coach adjustments and adoption improvements. However, the news that many gamers are waiting for is the new Madden 21 Beta, and they gave up some details for this.

The first game of Twitch deep diving took Agent K and Clint Oldenburg as examples, and discussed all the important game details in more detail. They don’t have many new shots, mainly showing gameplay trailer video scenes and some screenshots.

Some key developments are upgrades to the positioning system and new outdated game features. Quarterbacks will now throw when they are fired and will also throw faster when they feel pressure. Other updates include player personnel packaging, playing football and defense. After the live broadcast, Gridiron Notes is broadcast live here to provide full details of the game update.

During the live broadcast, a big problem that constantly appeared in the Twitch chat room involved Madden 21 Beta. After Clint and Kant showed the changes of the ball carrier movement control in "Madden 21", this was briefly introduced, as shown below.

Like the past "Madden", the pass stealing action has returned to the defense of the right hand. So, on the other hand, gamers will be able to view and see how it works in Beta.

For those who missed it, there is good news. He mentioned that although they can only provide internal betas, this year they hope more people will participate. Therefore, players who spend a lot of time on the game will also get the code. Emails with codes will also be sent to players who have played many games in MUT or Buy Madden Coins.

The Madden 21 Beta code will also be released through various social media accounts. Other influencers will also release Beta code to the community, so please stay online for the next few weeks.
EA revealed the new Madden NFL 21 trailer, which provides an in-depth understanding of PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC gameplay, including details of its new features, improvements and improvements installed last year. Unfortunately, the trailer is almost 4 minutes long. It does not detail any changes to the franchise or MUT Coins, but only provides the original appearance of the gameplay at the moment. There are more obstacles than you. I will be in the NFL Seen throughout the season

According to EA, "innovative changes" were made to the game on both sides of the ball. This includes newer and more flexible transmission shock mechanisms. Corresponding to this is a new skill stick rack system, which will allow players more control when carrying the ball. On the contrary, this is a more realistic response in the wild. This is a problem that the series does encounter, thanks in large part to its running engine.

EA also introduced more freedom and player choices in celebration. Players have been looking for something, and Madden NFL has been behind other EA sports games for some time.

Of course, this is just a short summary of the entire video, which you can view below. Of course, nothing here is groundbreaking, usually in the case of an annual franchise. In fact, until the game is exclusively released on the next generation platform, we may not see a meaningful upgrade, which may not last for several years.

Madden NFL 21 will be released worldwide on August 28. Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will eventually be launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and even users who own the game on PS4 or Xbox can get one of these platforms for free.

At the same time, as usual, there are multiple ways to Buy MUT 20 Coins, including EA Access and booking various special versions of the game.

The official report of the game said: "Famous in Madden NFL 21. The new generation has left its mark on the NFL." "Will you seize the opportunity? Change the rules of the game and control your legacy."
Although it is still in the early summer of summer, it is expected that autumn will never be too early, especially in terms of game release. Every year, Madden will add new members to the popular football simulation franchise, taking us into the fall game craze. Madden NFL 21 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 28, just in time for the NFL season that may occur as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. EA sports sim can now be booked on all platforms, and as always, MUT Coins are available.

To solve the elephant problem in the room, yes, Madden NFL 21 will also be used for both PS5 and Xbox SeriesX. If you buy the Xbox One or PS4 version, you can upgrade Madden NFL 21 to a new game console for free. However, if you purchase the physical version of Madden 21, you will also need to have a PS5 or Xbox Series X with a disk drive to upgrade. Considering that Sony has confirmed the pure digital version of PS5 and reportedly is developing a diskless Xbox series X, so if you want to play Madden NFL 21 on PS5 or X series, you need to keep in mind the upgrade rules.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (Lamar Jackson) is a madman NFL 21 cover player after the breakout season. He is dazzled on the way to becoming the youngest NFL MVP in league history.

EA recently revealed the first details of Madden 21's expected improvements and new features. In terms of gameplay, Madden NFL 21 will have better ball-holder mechanics and better control of game producers. On the defensive side, stealing players will have more tools available to transfer to QB, and improved field tackle mechanism. The X coefficient function introduced last year will also be re-provided to enable exceptional players to receive special treatment.

Of course, the popular ultimate team model and franchise model will return. The single-player story mode is back. The face of franchising: Fame is a movie story mode that allows you to compete in high school, college, and the NFL. You start as a QB, but when you jump to a college ball you can switch to back running or catch the ball. EA Sports promises Madden 21 Coins will provide more choice-based gameplay.
NBA 2K21 is geared towards the next generation of consoles, and although there are no known cover characters, there are still some good options.

Becoming a cover athlete in video games has become a lofty honor in sports. In many cases, NBA 2K20 MT participates in game development by influencing the development direction of new games. For example, for Madden, the cover athlete is Lamar Jackson, which means that Madden 21’s ball carrier dynamics will be more valued.

For NBA 2K21, cover athletes may change some game mechanics and focus on moving forward. Three-pointers like Steph Curry are cover players, which means that NBA 2K will need a free-flowing dribbling mechanism and can jump from any type of ability. At the same time, Kawhi Leonard as a cover athlete will mean that defensive lock-in is a priority.

Someone has hinted who will be the next cover athlete, but nothing has been confirmed. NBA 2K21 was exposed in a large number of PS5 releases last week, and the game looks impressive. Many athletes can steal the show as the cover of the next NBA 2K.

Zion Williamson is the best cover player in NBA 2k21. Zion has been used as a propaganda player for the game because the NBA 2K21 reveal is the engine picture of a New Orleans Pelican rookie dunking in the gym. Zion is not only a game player in the reveal game, but also records that he is working with the 2K team and announced the reveal information of the game.

The amount of detail in the video indicates two points. First, this game seems to be very beautiful on the next generation of products. Second, Zion Williamson himself looks as accurate as possible. When a developer puts a lot of energy into Buy 2K20 MT, and the player is the one who announced the new game, it probably means that he will become a cover athlete.

Since Kobe Bryant's unfortunate death in January, the choice of "Black Mamba" to become the legendary version of NBA 2k21 has been an ongoing theory. Although he has been the cover character of the basketball series before, even the cover character of the "Legend Edition" NBA 2K17 makes it reasonable for him to appear on the cover again.

Eventually, the combination of Zion Williamson and Kobe Bryant may become the athlete who won the NBA 2K21 cover honor. But no matter who chooses, the 2K series has many choices this year and in the future.
The latest NFL 21 trailer highlights Lamar Jackson because he is a cover athlete. But it also allows us to understand some of the key game content that the Madden team has been working on during this offseason. But it seems that EA Sports is working hard to provide gamers with more MUT Coins than ever.

Trailers are limited. It only shows us the 90 seconds that the new game can expect, and does not delve into new features. However, it is still interesting if you are the one who buys the Madden series every year.

At the end of the trailer, EA Sports stated that the game was subsequently released because video games are usually released on Tuesday, so it’s easy to add up. However, if you have EA Access, Origin Access or Origin Access Premier, you can play three days in advance on August 22, 2020. The trailer also shows that if you book Madden, you can play three days in advance.

Lamar Jackson is the cover athlete of Madden 21. Three different versions of Madden21 have three different covers. There are standard version, deluxe version and MVP version. There are three versions of Madden 21: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and MVP. Each of them has different functions, which you can get by booking games.

This seems to be an interesting new feature of Madden. It won't help people criticize "Breaking Hurricane 20" is too difficult to stop running, but for the offensive players, it should be interesting to get some new animations in the game. The trailer shows you the types of sticks you can show off with this new feature.

Basically, it's like EA Sports added its new Buy MUT 21 Coins feature and added it to defense, which makes sense. Madden 20 users complain that the pass is too dominant, especially for computer gamers. Joey Bosa, Myles Garrett and others almost became unable to guard with offensive guards.

The delusional alliance successfully made the path of  exile more difficult. Players who like the brutal encounter of this league will be happy to hear that once Harvest is released, it will be added to the core game.

Players will rarely have the opportunity to find POE Currency on the map. Unlike most league mechanisms that have become the core, as more league mechanisms appear on the map, the chance of Delirium spawning increases exponentially. For example, if players have "surpass", "invasion", "breakthrough" and "legion" maps on the same map, then their chances of finding a mirror are very high.

The frequency of recalling the brand can be reduced, and when the monster dies, the brand will land at its original location instead of below it. Although these are undoubtedly large nerf, GGG added two new brand types to keep the game style interesting. ance regrets that the brand's behavior is like a trap, which will cause damage in a short time before it detonates. The Arcanist brand activates supported spells, which should allow certain powerful spells to work together, otherwise it will not be possible.

The new Doryani prototype shown so far. This unique armor can reduce the damage of lightning strikes, while exerting lightning resistance to enemies near the user. Players will want to run with negative lightning protection performance to maximize their destructive power, but it is necessary to build enough armor to mitigate this major shortcoming, otherwise it will be impractical.

The Harvest League will give some love to two-handed weapons and grand slam skills. Now, skills such as earthquakes and constructive grand slams are considered grand slam skills, and new auxiliary gems can be used to enhance the game style. Now, these skills should have full-screen AoE when properly constructed, while also causing ridiculous damage to each slam.

For those who haven't played "Path of  Exile" recently due to performance issues, Harvest League may be the time to come back. GGG's new Vulkan Renderer has greatly improved game performance on almost all machines.

Most maps in the endgame are full of hundreds of monsters on the screen and trigger dozens of effects at the same time. This will cause serious failures on most machines and low frame rates, but even in the most intense Map encounters, many Buy POE Currency players have reported stable frame rates. Once Harvest is launched, the feature leaves the beta, and for most people, the game should run better.

It seems that you cannot stay in good condition for a long time. Three months after the top of the Nintendo Switch eShop, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was briefly dismantled by Minecraft Dungeons, an isometric dungeon crawling RPG for the production studio that produced the super popular Animal Crossing Bells. Now, about a week later, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is back at the top of the leaderboard, comfortably at the top of the Switch eShop.

After "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", the Clubhouse game appeared, which is a series of simple and interesting games, most of which are public domain games for local multiplayer games. My World Dungeon (Minecraft Dungeons) is currently in third place, and I really don’t want it to rebound soon. Clubhouse Games may have briefly risen to the first place, but if I didn't notice, it would become the first place. Animal hybridization: "New Horizons" is a difficult animal to beat.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is basically a toy house where players can collect and arrange furniture, villagers, trees and flowers to build their own exclusive island and visit for a few minutes or a few hours a day. But its history will now be permanently linked to the COVID-19 crisis, just as it appeared when the blockade began in most parts of the world.

This game was originally designed to escape, but it happens when many people are desperate to escape. It reached a level of financial success unheard of in the series and was once the most popular game in the world.

Now, I just want to know how long it will last: since the outbreak in March and April, interest has gradually diminished, but this is not because people stop playing games. New events are coming, new seasons are appearing in both hemispheres, and there is a lot of content for those who still want to live on a charming island with some anthropomorphic animal friends. I bet that Buy ACNH Bells will continue until Paper Mario: "Origami King" comes out.

EA Sports recently released some major news on June 16. Every year high expectations are given to Madden's improved graphics and updated roster. But each game also provides new features and MUT Coins , which makes it more distinctive than previous games. This year’s version will definitely bring a lot of new surprises for fans, so here are some recommended changes for Madden 21:

Superstar X factor is one of the biggest features introduced in Madden 20. They allow certain players (only 50 at any given time) to enhance their unique abilities in the game.

When the game was released in August, only three Redskins players-Ryan Kerrigan, Landon Collins and Trent Williams-had an X factor. Collins has the Enforcer ability. When hitting the rack, the tackle is not allowed to break; Kerrigan has the "attained elite" ability, which allows the defender to overcome obstacles to deal with or dismiss the ball carrier; Williams has an edge protector The function can reduce the victory rate of the charge team to the pass.

This year, the Reds have several candidates to increase the list of players with these coveted abilities. Cole Holcomb (Cole Holcomb) as rookie ranked second in the tackle game last year, so Enforcer's ability will be very suitable for his skills.

Terry McLaurin is the leader of the team and one of the best rookie seasons in franchise history. He should also have at least one X factor ability, such as RAC'em Up, This allows the catcher to achieve a higher success rate. Catch up after a single coverage. McLaughlin also strongly requested the ability of a superstar like Grab N Go, which can accelerate momentum and change direction.

Young is the third player to be selected as the Ohio State winger in the past four years, and the Madden team is the former Buckeyes Nick and Joey Bosa. Rookie season scoring. Nick Bosa scored 78 points at the release of "Blast 20" last year, while Joey Bosa was at level 84 in the world's best 17 with Ezekiel and Ezekiel. Elliott) tied for the highest in the league.

In most respects, including teammates like McLaurin, Young has the opportunity to be better than the Bosa brothers, so it is safe to say that he should be higher than both brothers. Madden score. He has not yet obtained the right to be one of the most defensive players in the game, but compared to Julius Peppers, he has undoubtedly won some special considerations.

In Madden 20, if you want to have the highest defense rate, you can use the online store MUT 20 Coins , which is a convenient and fast method, and it can also improve the player's experience in the game.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the new moon means a new experience worth looking forward to. This month is the wedding season! In addition to all the fun, the wedding season event also provides a cool new feature that can be bought and sold with Animal Crossing Bells.

This event will begin on June 1 in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and players will have the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of Cyrus and Rees. Get all the details on how to participate in the wedding season in our guide. After completing the first day of the wedding, you can rent some items from Harv Island. These items can be obtained from these events and shipped to your home or sold by Dodo Airlines.

Throughout the wedding season, you need to take photos on Harv's Island. Do this and complete the task, you will receive special items related to the wedding event, such as furniture, walls and carpets. You will also receive a heart-shaped crystal, which can be used to purchase more wedding supplies after you take the first photo. Whenever you talk to Wilbur at the door of Harv's house, you can now choose to liquidate or deliver items.

For delivery, the items you choose will free up available space and arrive in your house inventory the next morning. For liquidation, Dodos will provide you with ringtones just like Nook's Cranny Drop Box. One thing to remember is that the bells offered to you by goods sold in this way have dropped by 20%.

This feature is very useful, especially in Buy Animal Crossing Bells but currently only available on Harv's Island. I hope this is just a trailer to update and provide in a more useful way in the near future.

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