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Since the release of Harvest, most players have loved the various creative mechanisms and functions that exist in the new league. They can use additional features to create unique items for sale to get some POE Currency. The production potential of Harvest is unprecedentedly strong. The game team also hopes that players can give full play to their imagination to stimulate all the potential of the new league. In the latest 1.52 patch, people have seen improvements made by the game team to existing problems.

Now when players collect fallen medium and large jewelry, the system will automatically create an enchantment effect for them to prevent players from being disturbed. If the players sell the clustered ornaments with no modification to the agent, they will find that the original modifier disappears after completing the transaction. Players should also pay attention to the fact that when creating a brand, they should pay attention to the maximum allowable number of the brand.

If the character created by the player drops by 20%, don’t worry. This effect will only last for a period rather than permanent effect. In addition, Herald of Ash’s gain strength is directly proportional to the amount of fire damage they can cause. Players focused on elemental attacks can now cause continuous elemental damage to enemies. Attentive players can find that a bookmark called the Law of the Wild appears in the unique collection. The game team also marked many hidden decorations with special symbols so that players can find them more quickly.

Players see everything the game team does. They appreciated the official actions to improve the game and recommend POE to their friends to join the game and enjoy the joy of the black world. Although players can use Harvest’s features to get POE Items but those players who are eager to experience the fun of the game are best to Buy POE Orbs at reliable agents which is faster.

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A few days after Harvest was released for Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games released some improvements two weeks ago. After the game is improved,  POE Currency can be used as much as possible in the key places that players need.

These improvements come in the form of patch 3.11.1, which has been released recently. The team showed some improvements they wanted to implement for Harvest, including new bonus items dropped from monsters and final bosses.

The color of the plant's growth instrument has been adjusted and improved. This is for players with color blindness to make them easier to identify. Harvest’s other improvements include the following:

    Stairs were added to the area around the Holy Grove Portal to improve its accessibility.
    Increased the number of seeds dropped on the map, especially the middle and rare seeds. Now you can get more seeds from the map at the highest level. Similarly, the probability of seeds falling will increase,But overall the probability of obtaining seeds increases.

The team also improved the last Boss battle in Harvest, including the improvement of combat skills, the new progress percentage of sending telegrams to the next Boss rebirth, and the Boss Debuff icon applies the effect to you.

Not only that, Grinding Gear Games has also fixed some errors, including the error of the icon of the Holy Grove in the world map information panel, the error of the small map icon of Horticrafting Station that can be seen from outside the Holy Forest, and so on. Improve your Harvest skills in POE Exalted Orb.

Players eager to enter POE Harvest to start the game now have a better game experience thanks to the game team’s perseverance in updating and improving the game. Players who have not yet understood the main content of this update can look to deepen their understanding of the new league so they can easily carry out various activities in the game. The game team made players feel full of sincerity from them. Players are therefore in greater demand for POE Currency.

Perhaps the most important part is the play team reworking some skills they need to improve. Taking Warcries as an example, players can find more new skills based on the new foundation of the passive skill tree. Even better, players no longer have to go out again after the release of Warcries. Warcries continue to damage enemies. Warcries will automatically increase its power according to the surrounding environment. The most fascinating feature of the player is that once you use it, some damage by your enemies disappears.

Players with super-defensive characters can use Rallying Cry to attract the attacks of surrounding enemies to create wonderful attack opportunities for their teammates. The gem with level 20 lasts 0.9 seconds longer than the gem with the lowest level, which is 5.9 seconds. In addition, after the players get the buff, the power caused by the equipment will increase by 3% to 20%. Both creeps and weapons can also gain a boost.

Seeing that the game team has worked so hard for players, many players have expressed their understanding of the game team’s delay plan for POE 2. Now Harvest has become the center of gravity of the players. Some players eager for success will go directly to the agent’s website to Buy POE Chaos Orb and POE Items. Compared with working diligently in the new league, this method of obtaining POE Currency is quick.


Recently, POE players have ushered in fresh challenges and gaming experiences. It is precisely because of the appearance of Harvest that the players who have spent three months in Delirium feel relaxed. Players who have just entered the game need to know that they are better off getting some POE Currency as start-up funds. They don’t have to worry about it spending a lot of money because they can get rare materials that can exchange for POE Orbs and POE Items through their labor activities in the later game.

We have added some new patches to the new league. Although it was less than a month after it released, the game team’s spirit of excellence has encouraged players’ enthusiasm. Now they can chat through the game chat channel at will and put themselves in an invisible state without being disturbed by others. In addition, players can purchase Harvest Supporter packages in the game store, which will help them a lot.

The mechanism of the new league is friendly to players. We can keep most of the items that players have got in previous leagues in the standard version of the game. It’s just that if they pass the challenge of the new league, they will definitely get more rewards. For players who often have a demand for materials, Harvest is undoubtedly an excellent place for their economic strength to rise.

Players in Harvest will definitely realize that it is better than all previous leagues. It enjoys the combination of many excellent mechanisms that have existed in all previous leagues and functions that have well received by players. The priority for novice players is to Buy POE Currency to maintain the upfront costs in the game. As long as they work hard, they will harvest many valuable things such as POE Items and POE Orbs. The new league has more fun content waiting for players to experience.

Grinding Gear Games keeps moving forward by adjusting the "Path of Exile" items. Here are some items that are being adjusted.

The Path of Exile is famous for the Diablo-like procedural action adventure with a ridiculously large passive skill tree and gems attached to weapons and armor. Despite recent development difficulties during the pandemic, Grinding Gear Games is still making progress and has shared ten items that are being adjusted: five kinds of POE Currency, two gems, amulets, a pair of boots and a shield.

Hotfooted gems change quickly, and may now be spawned at up to 20% speed, which now applies to spell casting and attack speed. This will be very useful for "Path of Exile: Harvest", where players will cultivate enemies one by one to maintain life.

The amulet Ungil's Harmony lost 25% of its critical strike bonus, but now makes critical hits do no harm. However, the result is that it now offers up to 350% chance of a fatal blow. This is very useful for characters who may have other passive skills or abilities. These abilities or abilities have a certain effect and will be activated on critical strike.

"Rattlesnake" is one of the enhanced weapons. The chance of a devastating electric shock will be increased from 15% to 50%, and the electric shock damage will be increased by 300%. Pikachu will be proud of this. Melee buildings that want to cause as much lightning damage as possible must defeat the leader of the Path of Exile known as the Minotaur Guardian.

The Dark Prophet can make the enemy invisible for a short period of time. The weapon now also enables players to resist blindness, the impact will not be great, and Buy POE Currency can cause serious Malediction to the enemy for the duration of the blinding effect. Deduction.

As you may find by now, when upgrading levels in Path of Exile, you can choose from many paths. Some examples include Storm Brand, Static Strike, Cleave, Storm, Winter Orb, Spark, Purify Flame, Blade eddy currents and fire traps are great suggestions to start leveling.

A good prospect is to focus on skills with strong base damage. POE Currency will help you eliminate enemy groups without the need for additional gems. For example, if you want to use Bow Build, it will be very difficult, because a build like this requires the equipment you obtained in the middle and later of the game to use it, so if you start using it, you should try to avoid it.

Predatory behavior also plays an important role in POE. Like many other games of similar style, you will pick up a lot of stolen goods on the go. When you kill an enemy or encounter a hiding place, the last loot you see is also tempting. Leaving unwanted loot is an important part of the game's progress.

This is especially true when leveling. If you are reading this book, you are at a low level, or if you have not read it, then you are very likely. Except for items like jewelry or other items worth your time to identify, most of the pickups in this part of the game are not useful to you. If you find something you can use to benefit yourself, then you must continue to do so.

Even in the early stages, you can use items and combinations to obtain rings, belts and other similar items to help improve your character. Of course, this is not to completely rob you. You should still make sure to pay attention to the rare stolen goods in the blue box. If you have one, you can make good use of discovering magic or rare items early in the game, such as Scroll of Wisdom.

However, once you are proficient in the game and feel comfortable, make sure to get rid of all unnecessary items. Many adventures are coming, and you will want to make sure you have enough inventory space and do not need any unneeded or used items to occupy them.

Although many players who have been familiar with the game for a long time usually do not need to collect scroll bars, new players often find themselves exhausted in many cases. This will definitely be frustrating, but don't worry, because if you want, you can collect some smart scrolls through POE Orbs.


When we sat down to watch this year's PC game show, we were ready for the surprise "now out!" announcement, but we are not yet fully prepared for Torchlight III. I guess we are the only people who have been blinded because Torchlight III has been rumored for some time, but it is surprising to see that it released POE Currency in the Early Access version on Steam, but it was only met with a series of negative comments. It may be really that bad, or is it piled up due to server problems, and is always online, the first experience title forced you to enter.

Since the birth of the original "Diablo", I have been playing ARPG, and have invested thousands of hours in "Diablo II", and since "Titanium Quest" to "Path of Exile", I have played Pass all major ARPGs. why? Because my friends do this, ARPG will direct you to a powerful hero who can destroy a large number of enemies when you collect various shiny loot to enhance attack, ability and defense. They are fuses, and Torchlight III checks all boxes for satisfactory ARPG.

Some complaints are about the simplistic skill system, and I must agree: there are only two skill trees per character, which looks a little light, but you can also think of it this way: it does reduce fat. Even if you use a complex skill tree, such as "Path of Exile", or a simpler skill tree, such as "Diablo III", there will be minimum-maximum metadata, which ultimately traps you in the "best" build or another "Build" dilemma. Torchlight III's skill tree may be easier to balance so that any game style you like is feasible.

The game style is where Torchlight III is truly powerful. Each of the five courses is unique. In fact, they have some of the most unique game styles/skills I have seen in ARPG. Even though they are unique, they are actually just familiar flavor changes. Railmaster's following train is similar to fighting pets, and the fake overheating mechanic has been lingering in the history of game mechanics since the pen and paper era. However, even if you have to squint a little to see the idea as "fresh", you can make these five categories of works have a unique flavor.

But the class is very interesting. I like the process of mechanical forging and its accumulation, and then radiate heat violently, but the sharpshooter becomes a very powerful long-range combatant. The skills of the Dusk Mage are similar to those of the Blacksmith, where you must build one kind of magic while balancing another kind of magic.

Recently, a third step has been added to the Early Access version, which brings the entire Torchlight III experience from start to finish, but this is not without problems. It’s not always easy to find your way in randomly generated ARPG levels, but Torchlight III’s maps feel as if they never really exited where I needed them. I think I like Buy POE Currency, rather than enjoy mechanical skills, this is something I have never really encountered in ARPG before.


Grinding Gear Games called on Spock to help solve some of the technical problems in The Path of Exile. No, wait-he is Vulcan, GGG is using Vulkan, a new renderer that will provide "more stable performance than DirectX 11, especially under high CPU load." But this can Make beautiful gestures?

You can choose by selecting the Vulkan beta version from the "Graphics Options" screen under "Renderer". It "does not magically make your graphics card perform better", but it should reduce stutters and stalls, and generally make "performance more stable." The key is that it gives POE Currency complete control over how resources are managed, allowing games to better utilize your hardware according to their specific requirements.

Currently, Vulkan is actually a bit slower than DirectX 11, but the team hopes that this will be resolved when the upcoming extension is released next month. You can read technical details about driver processing and multithreading and dynamic shaders on the POE site.

Path of Exile: Harvest will also add "influence" skills. GGG introduced new support and new impact skills, and some existing skills have been reclassified as Impact. It also revealed which capabilities are now considered to be influential, how to improve them, and information about the new "shatter impact" capabilities.

GGG hopes to provide more support for the two-handed playing style and the slower but stronger construction. These changes come with improvements to the two-handed base type in Clamores and more support in the passive tree.

The shredder is a 12-level attack that sends five cracks in multiple directions when it hits the ground. At the end of each crack, the explosion of the pile gushes out of the ground and stays there for a short time. If these bets are in other ``impact or cry'' skill areas used by you or friendly players, the bets will explode, causing damage to the area around you. The combination of the crack area and the area of ??the blast pile eventually causes the damage to spread over a large area, and the explosion overlaps near the location you are affected.

You can switch between crushing the shredder and using cry. This allows you to kill surrounding enemies by detonating piles while preparing to use the skill next time. You can also easily activate them with "impact jumps" on the piles. Any explosive pile can detonate other nearby piles, so you can hit it repeatedly to leave traces of the pile, and then activate them with Buy POE Orbs.

At 8:32 am on July 6, 2020, Christian Sengstock-Grinding Gear Games announced in the official "Path of Exile Forum" the name of the game and further plans for its subsequent version "Path of Exile 2". Developers have confirmed that the beta version of POE follow-up products will no longer appear this year. On the contrary, the focus is now on the planned league update, and its release date should not be too different from the planned release date. POE Currency will not change much.

As long as there are no further unexpected problems in 2020, the establishment date of the game industry this year is just a good intention to implement. Grinding Gear Games, a developer on the path of exile, is still struggling to deal with the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. This prevented the release of the beta version of "Path of Exile 2". Instead of the end of 2020, it will appear next year, which gives Grinding Gear Games the opportunity to focus on the upcoming "Path of Exile" update.

In the official "Path of Exile" forum, developers reported that Harvest had spent 14 weeks of development time. Together with this year's beta version, developers will undoubtedly postpone the planned updates for September and December. Postponing the beta version can release the extension 3.12 within a full 12 weeks after the last version starts. This is much larger than Harvest, which is why the team started work a month ago. Although the deadline can be kept under the current conditions, players should only take time to participate in the competition after an officially determined date.

In the next few weeks, Grinding Gear Games should clarify more questions about the upcoming update. In addition, the expectation of POE Trade also lasted longer. If we learn something new, we will notify you.
"Grinding Gear Games" provides players with a fantastic ARPG experience in the form of exile. Diablo-style free games bring you in-depth experience, including adventures, various game mechanics, your own currency system in the form of POE Currency, different categories and more. So needless to say, players have many ideas when they first get started.

The first thing you need to do is choose a role you want to play. You can choose from many different options, including Duelist, Marauder, Scion, Shadow, Ranger, Templar and Witch. These have different functions and extensions that can meet your game style.

If you do change the mind of the chosen character, don’t worry. Although this is an important choice, you can switch other character slots. The way the league works and your first character may prove useless, so switching is a natural thing.

You can then use the selected characters and build them in the chosen way. This will involve all the different kinds of skills you are trying to acquire. However, it is worth your time to do some research on the tried-and-tested build to get you started.

You will use gems to gain other skills on the path of exile. Your equipment contains slots for placing gems. As you move forward, your gems will gain experience, even if you go back to the old area, you can apply it anywhere in the game.

Two important parts of the game are maintaining your health and mana. You should make sure that you are looking for ways (whether through Buy POE Items or skills) to add these two methods. Although mana does recover slowly, you will never want to be in poor health, because relying on flasks is not the most viable method of survival.
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