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The simple reason for me is that I simply don't like the feeling of RuneScape gold losing items I invested days/weeks grinding for. I have been attempting to find the Chaos Elemental pet fall (while farming Elite Clues) and I'm risking about 6k value of stuff. Whenever someone comes to PK me or something similarly, I simply let them fall me, since I know I am in there at a minor risk. Magic, Defense, and Constitution. My skill stats are all above 70, mostly from the 80's, but with nothing 90+ besides 99 Fletching (which doesn't help in PvP). In a matter of measures of going into the Wilderness I'm attackable to anybody with complete 99 combat stats, that can possibly be a maxed player running an inventory of rocktails, overloads, another class of armor/weapon... and of course another yak full of rocktails. Perhaps I could compete as a mage, however when another person has an advantage of potions and beasts of burden, I'm severely outclassed.

Do not get me wrong though, I'm not complaining about that. If I wanted to put in the attempt to make my account competitive, I would, however, I don't really find the monetary gain from it. PKing somebody would net mepersonally, if I'm very lucky, a few drygores. That is supposing I locate someone skulled, smite their prayer, and (this is the important part) really kill them. I am not good with chaining abilities, they will probably outclass me as well. I would rather sit KK with some buddies and kill it 30 times in 90 minutes and pick up my 1 drygore from that. The only part I'd enjoy about PvP is that the thrill of this but I get a lot of this from PvM that I don't feel like I'm missing it. Great question, however, I'm interested to see other responses.

So, have you ever learned about the Archaeology ability? You likely have -- it has, after all, been the worst kept secret of 2019. However, the pleasure is there is so much more to talk about.

That's because Archaeology is a lot more than a skill. On the flip side, it is a gathering ability, much like woodcutting fishing. It's about getting your knees dirty to amass puzzle pieces from our past. On the flip side, it's a manufacturing ability like Smithing or even Fletching, setting these artefacts back together to create real treasures. And it is swathes of OSRS Gold For Sale loot, all excited to be discovered, including three new kinds of reward which will change how we all play (especially higher level players)!
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Reading charts comes after a little experience. Knowing when the perfect time to RuneScape gold get an item and then when to sell it afterwards may seem like common sense, but to optimize proftis it might take a number of attempts to learn how to do correctly. I believe that investing is well worth it. Purchasing is one of the main ways that I make money, personally. And yes it works! I hope this helps.

Honestly the main reason I'd come back is because I have an account with the title"Scaper"... Also because I will be really bored very soon and I'd give it a spin simply to see all you lovelies again. Alright, so: 1) Coaching melee in f2p: Where to get it done? I hear deadly red spiders are good? I would be training... *gasp* defense. And assault, likely. Can not be bothered to train strength till I am p2p using a chaotic maul, I believe. 2) what type of gear would we're speaking here? Rune 2h? With complete adamant, I suppose (since I kind of have 42 shield... in fact, to recalibrate for all those of you who aren't conscious, my stats are: 78 (or can it be 80...) assault. 96 (I think...) strength. 42 defense. 90? hp. 99 range. 96? Magical.74 prayer. Yeah I'm bad at this whole"understanding my own stats" thing. 3) Is scope a workable approach to train defense today, or is it a terrible way? . 4) In fact, can somebody just outline exactly how the EoC functions? 5) Is"afk" or"minimum attention" training still possible (but not particularly effective, I understand ), or do I have to use abilities just to attack in any respect?

Fundamentally, now all"special attacks" are removed (that is the reason why several things crashed. Eg; dclaws went from 13m to 500k) All weapons are miniature. Eg; Now rune extended has the same stats as rune sword. Just dif is your atk design (slash vs stab) 2handed weps have 150% dmg of 1h weps. 1handed weps finally have an"off hand" version, which lets u"dual weild" two weps at a time. Dual weilding is p2p, (f2p has only 1 or 2 double weild weps.) Armour is miniature, all lvl50 armour have same stats. Armour has courses, Mage, melee, array. All of them have same stats.

Only different classes, therefore a person ranging a man in rune will have the same dps as a guy meleeing a mage. Alot of stuff got nerfed/buffed. Deadly red spiders gave over 200k xp/h at p2p in 90+cmb stats. Now its nerfed. It requires ability, timing, accuracy, reflexes, prediction and plan. A man in bronze that knows what he is doing could out fit a guy in buy RS gold rune that doesnt have an idea. . Longbows are now sheild bows. . (poorer, but provides def and hp) All armour now gives an hp bonus.
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In the close past, the necessities for endgame PvE, specifying endgame PvE as soloing GWD bosses, demanded 90+ at the various stats. This model had adverse consequences in Jagex's mind, since it put the goalposts for brand new players really far away. Runescape is sport which strives to keep up a facade of RS gold casualness; it's played in a browser and needs very little cash. However, behind this outer image, new players found a gargantuan time commitment to reach endgame, many orders of magnitude higher than anything else in the industry.

This leviathan time necessity had a direct impact on subscription amounts; players who joined and hit it off with all the game were quite likely to stay for years. However, the negative side has proved more of an effect. Players that do not dive into the game, taking it day by day, tended not to even bother subscribing for a month before leaving. Every MMO has temporary players, players who join when new content appears and leave once the newness fades. But other MMOs make large sums off even these brief subscriptions due to first game price, which for WoW particularly is roughly 100USD without a discount. Runescape's ability to hold onto its gamers couldn't keep up with the number who rejected the game, and consequently even though Runescape is becoming much more well known than it once was, its revenue has increased little.

Jagex's level of involvement in RuneScape

To combat the root of the matter, the goalposts, Jagex appears to be changing into a model where you can find two endgames. The first is a medium time commitment and allows players to overcome the hardest content in tiny groups, and solo anything but the much endgame. This endgame favors the part time participant, who plays Runescape as part of lots of digital past times. The next is that the hardcore endgame, available to those excellent grinders that attain max levels and huge riches; their benefit is having the ability to handle alone what the very first endgamers cannot. This dichotomy is mirrored in other MMOs like WoW; you will find ordinary mode for the more casual and heroic manners for the intense.

Using the newest Grandmaster quests as a reference point, the level rage for this first endgame is apparently from the mid 80s. Jagex has released numerous sources of EXP and fast procedures of training, such that levels in the 85 scope aren't exceedingly far from reach for the new player. Post 90 levels remain for buy rs gold paypal people who are hardcore, and have their own benefits, such as specific places and battle perks.
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Within the OSRS gold Jagex ecosystem, we are utilized to the downturn, the extensive flaws, the shelved projects, the broken promises, the non-stop MTX promos, and the weird shit. But they will never endure the Steam platform if (errrr,"if") folks catch on to this tomfoolery. The devs seem to devote a lot of time on new promos, and Yak Track events. And new game content suffers for this. And yet new/different MTX promos just keep appearing.

My recommendation is to criticise efficiently. Give it a downvote should you believe like that. But be clear about the "why". The best reviews are the ones that professionally deal with problem. They are the most effective because people may understand the issue. If you would like to say that the game is riddled with MTX promos also it takes ages to acquire real game content, then state it. OSRS is da best ye ye Souljaboy 2020".

The material seems slow and idle for the most part. It has got a big gaudy exterior but a hollow grind-fest inside. They're not even fun grinds, I hated every minute of it and am currently back in an RS3 hiatus following finishing.

However, in 4 years the upgrades have given nothing of note that is not a traditional shitty mill; there is something basically wrong with the match's priorities. I can't blame the group too much as they're in the bizarre position of needing to develop the more complex game but also make it extremely mtx friendly at precisely the same time for a smaller base, that's the complete contrary to what osrs has.

It is stuck in a poor cycle where the old foundation doesn't wish to take care of mtx however mtx is the one thing keeping it floating right now.

It was meant to be a priff for mid to low levels which it does well in that you've got plenty to perform at lower levels, but falls short because you fast out level that content. If there were constantly new people joining the game it likely would have a decent amount of people in it.

A safe bet would be saying it's likely going to be Cheap Runescape gold fairly regular with higher res and resizable modes, if fortunate maybe it will have additional view-range and further zooming out. The conventional zoom range is absolutely suffocating and prohibitive. I remember feeling like I could never get the camera into a place where I can see where I am going without it dragging on the ground. It would also lock up in mountain regions not able to actually move.

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After lunch we moved back to the magic mystery land that's Jagex where they proceeded to take us on a trip through every section. That was fantastic. In every department a couple of OSRS gold people who worked in that field would take some time and explain what their department does and how or why they take action. In addition to that which they showed us about the tour, we all heard that it is apparently a fantastic working environment where everyone enjoys what they do. They had been completely laid back and just sat and talked with us. They answered our questions and elaborated as to why they answered the way they did.

I really do wish to mention that everyone we met, everyone who spoke to us, actually everyone at Jagex, was simply wonderful. They have been friendly and helpful with awesome personalities. When our tour and Q & A session were over, they place us in cabs and had us taken into our hotel. We had free time and the next morning to do whatever we wanted to do. They even supplied us with a map showing where food, entertainment, and pubs were within walking distance. Deb and I, being the wild party animals we are, ordered room service and then proceeded to sleep lol.

The following day a couple of cabs arrived to pick us up and take us to party with the fantastic people at Jagex. I will not go into detail, but the food was fantastic, the assorted games and rides were awesome, with a opportunity to talk to individuals in a more laid back setting was epic, although Mark might be only a tiny tiny bit competitive. I would really like to go on at length about this afternoon, but if I did I'd probably end up saying too much, so I shall stop here.

Saturday a few individuals from Jagex picked us up and took us to dinner. Mark Gerhard was able to have join usthen domestic demands came up and he had to depart. Discussion ensued to ascertain what we wanted to do for our final afternoon together. Did we want to go sightseeing? Maybe bowling or a movie? A bus tour of the city? All great ideas. We went to find the very best idea though - We went to Jagex and got on computers and played RuneScape together!

Water_is_Nat and yet another wonderful participant joined us for supper. Then we exchanged contact info and it was time for bed since we all had to get up early and catch planes back into our own life. I am going to include special thanks to a few Jagex staff members. This list should really be approximately 10 times longer than that which it will be since everyone was amazing. So although only a few names are on here, I've got much appreciation and love for everyone.

The trip was amazing. We appreciated you taking the time to answer our questions and were glad you were able to take some time out to join us for a few meals. You're both easy to speak to and made us feel quite welcome. Thanks again! Sarah Jane - You coordinated our trip, our itinerary, the celebration - You are amazing and I am quite impressed that you were able to cheap RS gold control the weather! Mod Hohbein - You assisted us physically get from one spot to another and looked out for us throughout our trip. You're great! Mod Paul M - You jumped out on us to go on a test drive?!?! - Just kidding, you made sure we have together and had fun on Saturday.I will anaylse the problems magic has and how to Enhance Runes
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Yep, sure is disappointing that Nostalgiascape gets devs while we get MTX. This season we'll get: September mystery anniversary updated, A new high end supervisor, Orthen dig site, A new construction contract fashion instruction system, Skill off-hands of OSRS gold some sort for a benefit from among those upgrades this season, A new quest. Your article would have been relevant if you had posted this before the Q&A told us exactly what we're getting for the rest of the year.

Oh, I'm sure these are all definitely coming out this season exactly like the Managing Miscallania rework, expert rework and pursuit teams, Elder God Wars dungeon, City of Sennisten pursuit and Azzanadra pursuit that they guaranteed. Or before that the weather method they promised or Raids two or the 2016 Mining and Smithing rework or some of the many other broken promises they made. We should just blindly assume the company that occurred until July to launch a fourth upgrade this year and has a long history of broken promises is completely going to do all that stuff.

Not saying that the skepticism is unwarranted BUT so far their track record once Warden took charge has just been to tell us things they are working on if they are actually coming that is why we barely understand anything in advance now. Therefore the simple fact that they actually talked about this stuff going by their said and so far stuck into coverage that everything listed is going to come. The things that are not that they did talk about such as pets were quite specifically awarded no ETA.

I mean ? I have not been playing for a while, because my final return there was of one new quest, and it had been the one which requires you do this high-end elite dungeon; I have not been keeping up with , but from the little I've heard I have heard of more real content updates in Nostalgiascape while aside from cheap RS gold arch, I haven't heard of very many updates for updatescape, and even fewer quests, which are why I play.
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Hey but at least we got another construction method right. Thank God trigger leveling structure has been super slow and useless. Thanks jagex. Wish we would find a RS gold wintertodt for mining already. We have mlm, amethyst and burst mining.

MLM is considerably worse than ordinary mining and comprising the very same mechanics, amethyst requires 92 mining and ultimately burst mining is doable if you have the dynamite. . That are a pain to get if you can't buy them. This last standards being odd considering you need to gather stuff to train a gathering ability.

I just started OSRS following a decade hiatus and got 99 fletch in 2 weeks to trim my forthcoming range cape. Only been a member for like two months, therefore not completely new. Alright you had me fooled, but for morytania hard diary, 99 fletch, along with 197 barrows torso in 2 months on top of what else you have been doing with your spend time you have been really productive. He prob has a sugar dad handing him gp for darts. Im fresh 2.5 months as well with no 99's and fletching is only 70.

And to be fair if you don't piss a lot of money out on high level darts, fletching is not really very fast - only very afk. And everybody knows you don't earn much cash with no members, so that he would not have financed it surely. Sugar daddy, or buying a shitload of bonds using IRL money. I got 99 doing magic short/longbows and created a cool like 12m. And was still getting like 225k xp/hr. Have not played since.

Fletching is just one of the least expensive and easiest skills to train. 99 fletch is similar to lvl 50 when converted to agility or rc. Secondly, 200 barrows isn't that crazy a grind. . .Agreed I simply started barrows for the first time ever like two ish months ago. Done like 4-5 sessions and I am more than 100kc already. 99 fletch costs a lot of money and doing barrows requires underground pass and mm to be anywhere near effective.

Underground pass and MM, didn't Soulja Boy complete these quests 1 week to playing OSRS? 99 fletch may also be a good early money maker. Was hoping to find this, thanks friend. Y’all must suck barrows if you believe a buy osrs gold paypal new player can't reach 200 barrows chests in two months on a normal account. If he had any help from his buddies that most likely got him to the game then this is easily believable rofl.
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Especially, on June 26, the OSRS gold association of gamers said that the advertisement of accepting adeptness from the spam breach of the alternating replica of the Goddess of Destiny 

accept to be abreast of accepting presents. However, on June 28, NPH appear the accession of the Servant. Besides, accepting to move continuously to a supplement in alone a few abrupt times has fabricated some huge gamers afflictive and acerb opposed. Additionally, Osrs gold Items & Body hasn't captivated this accident to blot and plow"face" up to now.

Many gamers said that the affiliated spamming at the Heavenly Palace does not yield too abundant time, just about 1 hour per day we could accomplishment the accident well. 

Therefore, Garena should buck the rain singing out of the blame in the players to this event.

But afore the accepted attainable opinion, NPH has taken achieve to antidote anon afterwards that. They launched an breach that has not anytime been on Osrs gold Items & Body to air-conditioned the hearts of gamers and allay the things that they accept fabricated mistakes in the past. Endure weekend they appear an accident that could not be added adorable amid the hot summer season, instead of accident the time to breach or accord kidneys to admission an accouterments and things, players just accept to go online The bulk of hours in case framework is to accept the adeptness to get a abundant accord of admired items by affairs in F9 barter for VND 0.

The actor is captivated in a contemporary river in the summer and aswell the NPH is adequate if he auspiciously defeats the annoyance of the amateur at the Cheap Rs gold antecedent event. 

Osrs gold Items & Body gamers are acutely blessed and aflame about this online event, forth with the accoutrement they can aswell accept a lot of attainable accepting and things to amend gear. Sailor accessories is a aberrant accolade which has the adequacy to air-conditioned gamers' hearts in minutes, that's the bulk of this event. 

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I'm, of course, exaggerating when I state 10k/hr, but the point stands that some people who aren't good at it at all still run it because it's different. This is a classic"the grass is always greener on the other side" situation. Who the hell wants to RuneScape gold perform construction in RS3. Only a vocal minority, most people do not care. Your game has been updated since 2003.

New Construction methods and other upgrades coming up this season per the RS3 Q&A livestream broadcasting today. Building contracts will be lifeless content since the XP speed is 20-25% that of frequent construction training and the Fishing boss is apparently a inexpensive rehash of Wintertodt. Their player base isn't particularly pleased with . Personally sawmills are a lot more fascinating to me than construction contracts.

The combat skill essentially comes down to can you manage this gear? Can you count auto attacks? Can you remember to move two tiles after counting said attacks? It might appear that the grass is greener, but it is also like old bum grass that has been around forever and somebody comes by and paints it a different colour of green every week.

It easyer to put things into osrs since it is not that complex in coding than rs3. Rs3 has a great deal of things that they got to work with and polish before anything get discharge. Nevertheless, the significant problem with rs3 is insufficient communicating with player base and keeping to there program. Lol very good god. You realize the attempt to make a boss on that curry is much simpler than rs3 right? And we literally got a whole ass new skill. Imagine being this ignorant.

The best part is the OSRS playerbase is complaining about it on twitter. So ungrateful for how much communication and regular attention they get. There'll still be some dude in the remarks who sincerely attempts to convince individuals rs3 has more content. I remember how great it's to get three fucking yak tracks. What you guys need content also? Push jagex into integrating rs3 images into oldschool with initial oldschool client/graphic potential. They then can expand the osrs team and recycle lots of content/areas which rs3 has(after it moves a survey ). There wouldn't be much content for some time at rs3, but then all new content could be made for both games(using tweaks for osrs/rs3 specific servers). (or just RS)I really believe RS would Greatly benefit from scrapping old

I am convinced this is not a remarkably common view, but I really believe RS would heavily benefit from scrapping old, outdated content just like they did with mobilizing armies. Tbh a lot of 5th age quests have not made much sense and buy OSRS gold feel very weird to perform after EoC was released. This really is such a fantastic idea. There is so much 10 year-old dead content and even when we took all of it outside the match would still be HUGE.
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Employees aren't responsible. Direction is compelling for mtx because investors set profit expectations for them to meet, and OSRS gold they certainly don't care about the game. The devs are not the issue; it is the business model. If the mods pitch a concept"hello'bout a construction rework" and also the response from management is"no just put something fresh on squeal instead", that is the issue, maybe not the devs.I Truly believe RS would heavily benefit from scrapping old

I am convinced this isn't a remarkably popular opinion, but I really believe RS would greatly gain from scrapping old, outdated content like they did with mobilizing armies. Tbh a great deal of 5th age quests have not made much sense and feel very weird to perform after EoC was published. This is such a fantastic idea. There is so much 10 year old dead material and even when we took all of it out the match could still be HUGE.

It's not just this. It is also the fact that the ordinary RS3 upgrade is bigger in size than the average OSRS upgrade. There is nothing as big in OSRS as Invention or Archaeology. Many small updates are simpler to create than several large upgrades. You release this or it means nothing. Mod Ryan was working on a Con upgrade and it got scrapped after good progress was made, have no expectation of this one coming through.

And we'll hear nothing about that for months afterward it will be quietly cancelled like how many other numerous pieces of content. Your statements don't have any integrity left. You don't keep your claims or back up your words with cheap RuneScape gold actions. You simply say whatever you think will reduce the backlash at the time with no intention of actually putting the effort in. You're only milking what's left of the game with very little effort.
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