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Madden NFL 20 provides players with many interesting ways to play football, including combining their favorite players with MUT Coins.

In Madden NFL 20, players can play football in various interesting ways. Players can interact with the computer in quick play and franchise mode, bring a few friends into the game, and even play against other players online. With too many options, football fans will be able to reduce the playing time as their favorite team. Those who want to make things more interesting can start a fantasy draft.

Some players may think that if they can put all their favorite players in a team, they will reap double the fun. This is the role of fantasy drafts. With this option, players can rebuild their team and fill positions according to their needs.

In order to start the fantasy draft, players need to start a new franchise mode. Players can choose to play this mode with a computer or a group of friends. Once the players have established a new team, they will choose their starting team. From the menu, players will see the "Start Menu" option, and in it will be the option to start a fantasy draft.

All players will be cleared after the fantasy show begins. Players can choose to arrange the players they want in each position. This will definitely take a lot of time, but it is possible to retain the best in the team, which is well worth it.

However, one way that can be faster is to select the most important position first. Players will want to ensure that they have a stable QB, offensive line, some catchers and defensive players. Once these indispensable characters are completed, players can choose Buy MUT 20 Coins and fill the remaining characters immediately. This may not allow the team to perform as it should, but as long as it fills the most important role, the player should be perfect. After the Dream Team is completed, players can start to beat each team they meet and win the Super Bowl championship.

On Monday afternoon, the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Chargers met in the Madden 20 NFL simulation game. This is destined to be a wonderful game, MUT Coins can let you have a lot of ji in the game

The Arizona Cardinals will rebound from a 34-21 loss to Green Bay in their last mock appearance. Larry Fitzgerald was on the offensive end in Arizona, scoring 93 on the court and 91 on the catch, while KFC Drake scored 81 in the backcourt in the backcourt.  89 acceleration, 90 agility and 87 carrying rank ranked 81 in the audience. Kyler Murray is the starting QB in Arizona, with an overall speed of 75, speed 91, acceleration 92, agility 90, and throwing power 89. On the defensive end, Chandler Jones led the Cardinals with a total score of 90 points, including 92 power moves and 86 tackles, while Patrick Peterson scored 92 speeds, 92 acceleration, 95 agility and 89 players The coverage in CB reached 92 points.

After the 48-41 loss to the Rams for the last time, the Los Angeles Lightning looked to rebound. Keenan Allen leads Los Angeles with 89 speeds, 92 acceleration and 92 agility in the total score with 90 deductions and 94 traffic, and Hunter Henry with a total score of 87 The catching power of 89 has become the name of the tightening end of the charger. Melvin Gordon III and Philip Rivers are no longer the actual charge team, but they are still listed in Los Angeles with 84 poles in this game, Gordon with 92 speed and 92 agility, 90's support and 90's thrust have won, and Rivers has 94 short pass rates and 92 medium pass rates.

The Chargers have some highly rated players on the defensive end. Joey Bosa led the defense with 90 blocks, 97 skill moves and 87 strengths, with a total score of 91, while Casey in the second Casey Hayward Jr. ranked second with 91 acceleration and 92 agility, as well as 89 speeds and 90 ratings for personnel coverage and area coverage. Melvin Ingram III and Derwin James Jr. scored 88 points each on the defensive end of the charger.

. That being said, although the Chargers have done a good job of scoring and winning games, they are usually not competent before their opponents. However, outside of the Packers game, the Cardinals were indeed eliminated and performed well in keeping their opponents close. I’m not sure who will win this championship, but I think the Cardinal Church keeps it within the numbers, so please give me Arizona and here points. In fact, it is not difficult to win the game in the game, buy mut coins will do!



Many keen players have discovered the release date of Madden 21 in a recent EA Sports promotional video. It seems that this video may be preparing for the upcoming Madden 21. Every player prepares enough MUT Coins to purchase the upcoming player cards. They plan to buy some necessary items before Madden 20 ends and keep them in Madden 21 to avoid spending more money.

It is not the first time EA Sports has revealed secrets during the offseason. Lamar Jackson also accidentally revealed to fans some time ago that he will be the cover of this year's MUT. Although it seems that he did not intentionally Divulge, the root cause is that EA Sports exposed too much information in the YouTube promotion process to cause fans to know Madden 21 in advance.

In the official Madden 21 promotional video, it can be speculated that Madden 21 is likely to be released on August 28, 2020. Players are likely to enter the game three days before the release. In addition, players only need to combine the entire video and the information exposed by EA Sports on YouTube to guess the global release date of Madden 21.

Now EA Sports has postponed the official news release plan. But they will still present more interesting content to players. EA Sports said in a statement released at the end of last month that it will postpone the publicity video due to the protests caused by the black oppression of white people and the death of black people asphyxiation.They did not say what interesting details will appear in Madden 21. Now players only know that the release date of Madden 21MVP is August 25, 2020, and it schedules the global release date for August 28, 2020.

Now all players can do is to use Madden Coins in Madden 20 as soon as possible to improve technology and strength. Players who lack coins are better to go to the agent to Buy MUT Coins early. Because when MUT 21 Coins is listed, there will be no discount. Now is the chance of the last crazy fight in Madden 20. Now or never! Enjoy this last madness!
The National Football League, the National Football League Players Association and Electronic Arts announced on Thursday that they will continue their partnership for at least another five years, and this outstanding video game and professional sports partnership will continue for at least six years. This means that the popularity of madden 20 will reach a peak, as will MUT Coins.

The agreement between NFL and EA is "the largest and most extensive interactive entertainment agreement in NFL history", which means that Madden NFL franchise of EA Sports will remain an exclusive football simulation game licensed by NFL.

According to Darren Rovell, this transaction brings at least $ 1 billion in revenue for the NFL and at least $ 500 million in revenue for players. Albert Breer reported that the extension period will continue until 2025, "if the income target reaches the target, it will be extended for another year".

According to Rovell, since its first release in 1989, the sales of the "Boom" series have exceeded 130 million. EA's FIFA series is the only other sports-themed video game series with more than 100 million units sold by Rovell.

Cam Weber, executive vice president of EA Sports, said to Forbes: "" Fighting NFL 20 "is the most successful champion in its franchise history." "Our rapid growth this year has changed the industry and is driving NFL The key driver of the largest and most extensive transactions in interactive entertainment. "

Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, most of the world is now evading at home, and visual game sales will increase in 2020. Since the release of Madden NFL 20 in August 2019, its average annual growth rate has reached 30%, a record high, and each player spends more than 330 million hours per month playing games.

In addition to trading with EA, the NFL will have another video game partner this year. According to the announcement of the agreement, the league announced in March that it had reached an agreement with 2K Sports to produce a "non-simulated football game experience."

The corona virus pandemic provides a good opportunity for video games. Game companies will reap many benefits. Of course, during this period, video games provide more fun for people. In Madden 20, players buy MUT 21 Coins to improve the game level is also their fun, a credible platform is particularly important. It is also what game companies hope to have more fun in the game and the meaning of the extension of the cooperation.

Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 19 is newly added in MUT mode. MUT players welcomed Daunte Culpepper and Patrick Willis last Saturday. There is also a bowler with a score of 99 points. Players can find relevant information about these players in the following content. Presumably, players are very satisfied with Rob Grankovsky, the last release of Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group, and defensive superstar Ronnie Lott. Most players took the opportunity to spend MUT Coins to buy them.  The release of Patrick Willis has brought a new vitality to MUT.

The best version of Willis was the 96-ghost version in Madden Past. Now the best version of Willis is rated up to 99 points. He has a 97-point tackle and strength and a ball dealer. In addition, his speed and acceleration are 94 points. Daunte Culpepper, who played for the Vikings, will be sold this week. His best version has a total score of 98. Although his speed is only 86 points, the 96-point operation awareness and 95-point throw-in and accuracy still attract many players. There is also a powerful kicker Jan Stenerud who is about to join the game. He is the best player in this position with a 98-point kick strength and 96-point quotient and 93-point accuracy.

Daunte Culpepper is sold immediately in the store or in the auction house. Willis and Stenerud each have version cards with lower ratings. Players can purchase these cards to synthesize their highest rated player cards. Players can also get Stenerud and Willis from four other Ultimate Legends Challenges. It is no easy task for ordinary players to get a free Ultimate Legends player card.

I prex the strongest versions of Stenerud and Patrick Willis at about 700,000 Madden Coins or more on PS4. The limited supply of Culpepper player cards requires players to spend 430,000 mutcoins or more to get them. Players with insufficient funds try to Buy MUT 20 Coins early to realize their dreams. And Madden 21’s release plan is also urging players to buy a little MUT 21 Coins. The Madden series will always present the best for players!

Most Madden 20 players are looking forward to what surprises EA play will bring them. It may be the Golden players cards that need to be bought with MUT Coins or what interesting game mechanics the game has updated and so on. Although the development of many games has been hindered by COVID-19, EA officials still intend to fully launch the next update plan on June 11.

Players can now view the upcoming news in the official community or forum of EA. Madden 21 is now one of EA Sports’ focus. Players have always been interested in related news published by EA. Then there may be novice players asking what is EA Play? In previous years, EA Play held events at E3 in summer. EA always takes this opportunity to present its proudest content to gamers all over the world. Last year we saw Apex Legends and The Sims 4 and Battlefield and many other EA Sports games shine at the event. A lot of interesting content has brought strong visual stimulation to players. Therefore players will especially look forward to the upcoming events of EA Play this year.

To maintain mystery, EA Play has not revealed a lot of Madden 21 news to players. Lamar Jackson (Lamar Jackson) accidentally revealed a message on the social networking site. Players got some information about gameplay on the Inside Xbox stream. But besides this, Madden 21 has little news.

Players want to know when EA Play will release Madden 21. Now it seems that the focus of EA Play's work in 2020 is just to release the Madden 21 game trailer. However, according to EA Madden's information on Twitter, players are likely to meet Madden 21 for the first time early next month. But the exact time cannot be determined. Players can only hope that Madden 21 will have more interesting gameplay and game modes than Madden 20.

The arrival of Madden 21 is bound to impact Madden 20's gaming environment. But it is still a long time before Madden 21 is released. So players still need to focus on Madden 20 and work hard to earn Madden Coins. Current game situation also requires players to Buy MUT Coins and accumulate as many MUT 21 Coins as economic conditions permit. It is equivalent to making sufficient preparations for players in the future. Enjoy the last time of Madden 20!

As of Tuesday, "Madden 20 Power Up Extension" has added more player items. Among the players revealed were the strong safety of former Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry (Eric Berry) and current Denver Broncos (Phillip Lindsay). See how these cards are used with each player in Ultimate Team.

A few weeks ago, EA launched the Madden 20 Power Up Expansion program. Through this program, game players can obtain players' Power Up items, and then use MUT Coins and other special cards to enhance them.

The Tuesday ’s press conference added another six players to the game through the new Power Up card, as shown below. These will allow gamers to raise their ultimate team players to a maximum of 98. The cards below reflect fully upgraded player items, not the way you received them for the first time.

With these cards, gamers can achieve a higher rating with just one training. You can then use Berry's core elite player project to upgrade to level 6. For other players, Draft, NFL 100 or other programs may require other special cards. You can use the upgraded attributes to increase the level to 98 all the way. However, its cost will be very high, with some levels of training costs as high as 8,000 to 32,000.

With the Madden 20 plan, it is also a challenge for the ultimate team. Find the "Challenge" option first, then find "Power Up". The latest version is Power Brokers. For the six players mentioned above, each game is equivalent to a separate challenge.

After completing a personal challenge, you can win the player's Power Up card. In addition, as part of the transaction, each challenge has a total of 900 Madden coins. Challenges are relatively easy, because all challenges involve starting the game in the third quarter and must win.

For those who have not accepted the challenge, you need to buy mut coins to gain energy. You can also improve your grades through training. We provide a training guide for you to check, where you can get more detailed information on how to do this.Link:


Presumably everyone already knows from the Internet that in the coming period there will be many Madden 20 Golden Ticket Players cards to join the game. These new player cards will provide great help for players to form a super lineup. The Philadelphia Eagles 'free security officer Brian Dawkins and the New York Jets' relay player Quincey Enunwa are the two most outstanding player cards in this update. These newly added cards require the players to spend some MUT Coins to get them, just like the Golden Ticket Players cards released in the past. The following is a detailed introduction to them.

Players can see the tweets about the Madden 20 Golden Ticket player card on the official MUTM Twitter. MUT mentioned on the 15th of this month that EA intends to add four new Golden Ticket Players cards to Madden 20. They also listed Quincy Enunwa (WR), Keith Bullock (ROLB), Anthony Barr (LOLB) and Brian Dawkins (FS) as players with these new GT items. Players can also see three Golden Ticket Players cards in another MUT official tweet so players can understand the properties of these cards early.

Dawkins' data shocked almost all players. He has 99 hits, 98 game recognition, 98 tracking, 97 area coverage, 96 speed, 94 acceleration and 93 tackles. Left-back Anthony Barr has 99 tackles, 99 block shots, 99 game approvals, 94 accelerations, 93 speeds and 82 strengths.

So where can players buy these Golden Ticket Players? They can get these cards from the Madden Ultimate Team ’s time-limited challenge held every year by EA. Players who complete the challenge mission will be able to win these rare and powerful player cards without spending MUT Coins.

In addition, there may be Golden Ticket Players in the selected package of the Ultimate Team ’s Madden store. Players can also obtain them through auctions. Because it is in the form of an auction, the final transaction price may be particularly high or even exceed the budget of most players. The price of Dawkins exemplified above ranges from 827,000 to one million Madden Coins. Faced with such a high price, players need to carefully consider which card to buy to add to their super lineup. Reliable agents will provide powerful help to players who really do not have lots of MUT 20 Coins to buy player cards. Buy MUT Coins are very cost-effective and never lose money in them. The same is true for MUT 21 Coins. Go shopping freely and compete fiercely!

After so many years of improvement, Madden 20 has become one of the most popular sports competitive games among players. Players can not only set the players in each position but also set the way the game is displayed. Players can also use MUT Coins to buy some fun items to decorate the game interface. Personalized settings are one of the biggest features of Madden 20 which allows players to better match their personal habits when playing games. Novice players who have just added games may not know what to do. This article mainly introduces some practical tips that can help novice players quickly adapt to the game and succeed on Madden Ultimate Team.

Players know that it is difficult to beat opponents without powerful players in the game. Because there are too many player cards to play in the game and the preferences of each player are different, it is difficult to determine which player is suitable for each player. But if you want to play these powerful players, spend mutcoins to buy them. In view of such circumstances, it is best for players to look at certain specific attributes to help find the right player for the team.

Missing the chance of scoring a goal during the game is more annoying than the pass missing the goal for no reason. This is usually caused by a mistake of an attack started automatically by the computer. Therefore, priority must be given to high-precision QB to solve this problem. Increasing the accuracy of scoring goals helps to improve the timing and reduce unnecessary mistakes. And it can also weaken the lack of strength indefinitely, because players only need to hit the correct position. Combining high-precision QB with pressured throws will have a wonderful effect.

In summary, players will have a hard time in the game. It is unlikely to have an advantage in the game without spending Madden Coins at all. And novice players must have read some news before joining the game. They should know how much impact MUT 20 Coins will have on their gaming experience. So players are better to follow the trend of the game and Buy MUT 20 Coins. And this is not necessarily enough. The meaning of this sentence is that players have to get some Madden 21 Coins as a backup. Because the release plan of Madden 21 has been put on the agenda! Enjoy the last fun Madden20 brings to players!

As of yesterday, the Madden 20 Power Up Expansion program has added more powerful and attractive player cards. The player cards released this time require players to spend a lot of MUT Coins to get the same as the powerful player cards released in the past. According to reliable sources, Eric Berry, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Phillip Lindsay, who currently plays for the Denver Broncos, will both appear in this expansion. Let's see how players can use these cards correctly.

EA launched the Madden 20 Power Up Expansion program about a dozen days ago. Players can get players' Power Up items from this event and use Madden Training and other special cards to enhance them. Yesterday's press conference had added Power Up cards included 6 players to the game. The addition of these player cards will make the ultimate team of players stronger.

Players only need to spend some mutcoins to train them to a higher level to enhance their overall strength. For example, Eric Berry's initial attributes are 69 speed and 74 acceleration and 66 hit rate and 63 pursuit ability. After the player upgrades him slightly, his Strength becomes amazing. Players can then use Berry's Core Elite player items to upgrade to level 6. Players can also use the upgraded attributes to increase the level to 98 all the way. However, its cost will be very high, with some levels of training fees as high as 8,000 to 32,000 MUT 20 Coins.

Each player has a corresponding challenge mission. Players can complete each of their challenges to obtain Power Up cards. Those without challenges need to spend MUT Coins to get energy. Obviously not every player is so rich. Players who do not have enough funds will have to carefully find agents that match their own economic level to Buy MUT Coins. In addition, we all know that news about Madden 21 can be seen everywhere on the Internet. This is to remind players that they also need to prepare some MUT 21 Coins or the future battle will definitely become more difficult.
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