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To put it, the team’s scoring method divided into two ways: breakthrough attack and shooting. This issue mainly introduces which powerful shooters players can choose in 2K to expand the team’s shooting methods. Economically powerful players can spend their NBA 2K20 MT without hesitation to buy those shooter cards. They will find that once they add such player cards to the self-built lineup, scoring becomes a straightforward task.

At the beginning of the new century, the Lakers occupied the championship in the league. The Kings, who compete with the Lakers for the championship, can compete for the championship because of a powerful shooter like Peja Stojakovic. If players can match Shaquille O’Neal with Kobe Bryant and Peja Stojakovic together, it is a perfect match. To the surprise of players, Stojakovic’s three-point shooting percentage over the entire NBA career exceeded 40%.

The Golden State Warriors have many super shooter superstars. Besides the two-pointers with high three-point percentages, Splash Brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, there is also a star shooter in the 1990s called Chris Mullin. Unfortunately, the time he lived in his career became less dazzling because of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and others. Chris Mullin’s greatest achievement is that he has averaged over 20 points per game for six consecutive years and has made 38% of his three-pointers throughout his career. Players who like the Warriors but have lower economic strength mind retreating and choose him second to expand the scoring method of the self-built lineup.

Compared to other higher-priced shooters, these two players are very cost-effective. Players only need to spend some 2K20 MT to get them. Once they have joined the players’ lineup, players can immediately start playing to verify how powerful their shots are. Even people who don’t have a lot of Cheap 2K20 MT can go to the agent who sells cheap items to Buy NBA 2K20 MT a few.


Since the era of the Golden State Warriors’ star Curry Renaissance Ball, all teams have emulated the Golden State Warriors’ scoring system. Nowadays, NBA and 2K games dominated by three-pointers. Then the players with good will need to spend a certain amount of NBA 2K20 MT to buy those players with strong three-point ability. Players’ love for three-pointers reflected in the NBA 2K franchise model. In the MyTeam mode of NBA 2K20, there are some powerful player cards that you want to have. The year they belong to is the most glorious period of their entire career. Let’s see which super shooters players can use three-pointers to win.

Tracy McGrady, one of the four quarterbacks, has been a superstar since entering the NBA. Fans have always regretted that his combination with Yao Ming has never won. McGrady’s style of play is so elegant that many players love both his style and his ability to score. His three-point ability of up to 96 points can also provide players with substantial scoring help.

For the strongest shooter in history, Ray Allen will mention. Ray Allen with a three-point attribute of 99 points is the strongest three-point shooter in the game. What scares his opponent is that he can make a 3-pointer shot no matter how strong he is. One of the most exciting three-pointers of his career was a three-pointer at the buzzer in the last seconds of the 2013 Heat and Spurs tiebreaker. It is precisely because of this three-pointer that not only saved the Heat’s defeat but also won the second NBA championship trophy for James.

If you want more powerful three-point shooters, players can also choose Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry who are currently playing for the Golden State Warriors. Their combination is also enough to defeat any team without a strong three-point shooter. The most important thing players should do at this time is to Buy NBA 2K21 MT to get these shooters to succeed. Exciting NBA 2K intense games are waiting for players to join.

In May, it released several Galaxy Opal cards that were very tempting for players. Galaxy Opal Magicians Johnson and Carmelo Anthony and Carl Anthony Towns have all appeared in 2K, inspiring players’ game enthusiasm, making many players looking for ways to get a lot of NBA 2K20 MT They can have these powerful players.

What surprises and surprises players is that they only need to complete the Campus Legends series to get the precious galaxy opal magician Johnson. In fact, his price is already cheaper than other particularly expensive players. It only costs 17,250 2K20 MT or 15,000 VC. Players with good luck will only need to spend 135,000 VC if they want to buy a 10-box package. If some players want to get Johnson once, then they better go directly to the auction house to buy him for nearly 700,000 2K20 MT.

The method of obtaining the Galaxy Opal Cameron Anthony does not differ from Magic Johnson. What makes Melo fans happy is that his price in the auction is only 600,000 2K20 MT. But for fans of Karl-Anthony Towns, it is too difficult to get him. They must gather all the cards in the Campus Legends to own him. It is best for players to purchase 10 to 15 packs at a time to get these player cards.

It is a well-known fact that each player corresponds to a challenge. Players will get a diamond card after completing each challenge. It is so pure game content that players do not need to spend too much NBA 2K20 MT to enjoy. For those players who especially want these player cards, it is time to go to Buy 2K21 MT.

In the NBA 2020 All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, Aaron Gordon is again the most regrettable dunk star. Although he has always regarded as the uncrowned king, he wants to win a championship to make him deserved. The fact is that Aaron Gordon lost in an epic duel with Derrick Jones Jr from the Heat in the finals. Although he failed to win the slam dunk contest, his dunk attributes alone made his player cards worth a lot of NBA 2K20 MT.

All the people who love the NBA watched the final matchup. Gordon did all the glorious things except cannot win. He not only completed a series of wonderful slam dunks such as the air folding dunk, but also dunked the rapper. But within one point, Gordon missed the championship again.

But the pleasant news is that the 2K team has launched a championship version for Gordon to comfort the frustrated fans. As the top power forward of the Orlando Magic, Gordon deserves a pink diamond card with a total score of 97 points. Interestingly, Derrick Jones Jr.’s player card score is only 95 points. Players who love Gordon cards can use it in any mode to play.

The extra Gordon card with 41 badges has become the most dunking player in MyTeam mode. Players can add Pink Diamond Gordon cards to their MyTeam lineup in one of two ways. The first method is for players to go to the store and spend 10500 2K20 MT to buy the All-Star Flash package. The disadvantage of this method is that players may not get Gordon card once. The second method is that players go directly to the auction house to buy him at a price close to 200,000 2K20 MT. Most players would rather choose the first method and Buy 2K21 MT before buying the package. It is a player card that is very worth buying, which will help players significantly in the game.

Players can build a strong MyTEAM with a few NBA 2K20 MT as long as they master the correct method. Although some players may find it difficult to do so, it is only because they have not found the right way. If players play against a less competitive team against a team with an all-GO team, the outcome must be a loss. They had better find various methods after NBA 2K21 released to avoid this kind of situation.

For players, it is great to be able to get significant players for free. In NBA 2K20, some of them have done something with free players. They also hope that the same benefits will appear in NBA 2K21. NBA 2K20 also provides players with a lot of gift packages from time to time. Although the rewards in the package may not be too generous, players still want EA to continue this fine tradition in NBA 2K21.

There are many ways to unlock player cards for free. What players can get immediately is GO Kobe. Players can also collect various player cards to unlock the super players they want. Some player cards are relatively easy to unlock. Players who do not want to spend time can go to the market to buy them.

Sometimes players with good luck may find value-for-money player cards in the community market. Because some players have a low price on the surface, but the actual effect on the game is great. They also hope that more and more affordable and practical player cards will appear in the game. It only costs them a small amount of Cheap NBA 2K20 MT to form a suitable team to play. Even if some players lack economic power, they only need to Buy NBA 2K20 MT a few. With this in mind, it doesn’t matter how weak the lineup data is.

Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, one of the strongest slight forwards in the 2K world, will help the team that owns him to win quickly once he enters the game. No one will dislike him. Every player is eager to get him to improve the overall strength of the lineup and achieve higher goals. Although they need to spend a lot of NBA 2K20 MT to get Kevin Durant, but players who love him have no complaints.

The 6-foot-9 Durant has a longer wingspan than most players. Anyone who really knows what this concept is will know what the long arm span is for. It also means that it is difficult for players to get him. They can get him from the previous PRIME Series II packaging. Most players should be able to receive a package price of 7500 VC or 10500 2K20 MT. But if some greedy players want more bags, it may disappoint them. Because the price will be so expensive that they cannot afford it.

It should be noted that players with packages have only one chance to get him. Players who want to take the next place can also choose other player cards such as the pink diamond version of Klay Thompson or the diamond version of LaMarcus Aldridge. If those players who don’t want to pass the challenge and just want to get lucky, want to get Durant, it’s best to try it in the auction now. Those who have many 2K20 MT can confidently go to the auction house to auction him at a top price. Otherwise, it will only bring disappointment to the player.

The price of GO Durant is as high as 660,000 2K20 MT. Players are not in a hurry to get him can wait and see before deciding. Players who are eager to gain him can now buy him by Buy NBA 2K21 MT at the auction or in the market. He is almost the strongest player in this position.


Many people who started behind most 2K players neither want to spend a lot of NBA 2K20 MT to buy player cards nor spend a lot of time to take part in the game to get 2K20 MT. In fact, there are many highly cost-effective players in the game for players to choose from, but players have not discovered it. For players of different economic levels, the word cheap also means fresh things to them. Most players can accept player cards priced below 10,000 2K20 MT. They can go to the market and view the list of players in the list by filtering conditions.

Players only need to spend 5000 2K20 MT to get the amethyst card Isaac Banga with point guards and small forwards. Without the Amethyst Isaac Bonga card in the fan favorites series, you cannot start one of the lists. Banga has an excellent height advantage and a powerful dunk ability of up to 85 points. On the defensive end, his height and speed can also limit the opponent's score. The bad thing is that his shooting action may not be very popular among players. Players who can skillfully use him can play him the same role as the pink diamond card.

The most cost-effective Diamond Marcus Smart Moments card only needs to spend 7500 MT for players to help players establish an outside defense. The unpleasant news is that his height may be insufficient. But with the help of badges and strength, he can make up for the shortcomings of his height. With a 90-point speed, a 93-point three-point ability, and a Hall of Fame-level catching ability, he can help the team at both ends of the offense and defense.

Once these two cheap and efficient player cards added to the players’ self-built lineup, they will definitely help players to improve their strength. Players only need to Buy NBA 2K21 MT a few to achieve the goal of increasing the overall strength of the team. Why not? There are more cost-effective stars waiting for smart players to discover.

To the surprise of players, the Banana Boat Brothers player card appeared in the NBA 2K20 MyTeam Prime series set. Now the Lakers superstar LeBron James is the most popular player in this group. He is the hottest star in this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Prime Series 3. It means that players can start using NBA 2K20 MT that has accumulated for a long time to get them. Be aware that the player cards of the Banana Boat Brothers are all GO Levels.

2K team packs and sells all the players of the Banana Boat Brothers. From short of high, the Banana Boat Brothers are CP3 and Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. CP3 now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The four of them are the four best players in the NBA 2K20 Prime Series III set. A recent version of LeBron’s card appeared in the game a few weeks ago. Many players bought him to strengthen the self-built lineup.

The brand-new LeBron appeared in this set as 97 points of scoring ability, 97 points of athletic ability and 96 points of technical and outside scoring ability. With 55 HOF badges, he makes fans who love him even more crazy. The other players of Banana Boat and Andre Iguodala all got the GO version. The card for the Spurs power forward Tim Duncan in the suit is diamond-level.

Players who want to get these player cards can only purchase them in MyTeam Market within two weeks after it releases the package. However, it is best for players to Buy NBA 2K20 MT a lot before going to buy them. PS4 players will find that it prices the new LeBron GO card as high as 1.3 million 2K20 MT. The price of Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony GO cards is about 150,000 to 200,000 2K20 MT. In addition, detailed information about NBA 2K21 pre-orders has arrived, including a special edition Mamba Dance Forever Edition featuring Kobe Bryant. Players should also put the plan to Buy NBA 2K21 MT on the agenda.


2K players have been suffering from a serious problem in February. We all know that MyTeam is almost the player’s favorite game mode. Many players are playing games or completing challenges to get the happiness that basketball brings to them. However, in February, many players did not match the number of awards they received after completing the MTU challenge. The goal of MTU is to require players to fight against online players for twelve consecutive games and win. After completion, players can get an exclusive pink diamond player card and 8000 NBA 2K20 MT and 20 tokens.

Players can get a Galaxy Opal player card by accumulating a certain amount of pink diamond cards that they have achieved once every month to achieve the MTU goal. The number of rewards is proportional to the number of winning games. In the twelve games, as long as one player loses, it will reduce the rewards. After three failed games, the players have received a paltry amount of rewards but have to restart twelve consecutive online games.

Probably powerful 2K players will think it is an effortless task. But in fact, only players who have experienced twelve games know that it is difficult. Players need to spend half an hour to complete a game. It means that they have to spend six hours to complete 12 consecutive games. And the number of failures cannot exceed three, or else everything has to start again. The more games players win, the more rewards they get.

The difficulty of completing the MTU challenge deterred many players. They will definitely go back to completing the MTU challenge if the reward becomes more. Players hope they can receive some 2K20 MT or card packages after winning each game. Players can only receive one player card no matter they reach the MTU without challenge or failure. Therefore, it has reduced the enthusiasm of the players and the number of players playing MTU challenges is also constantly being lost. They would rather Buy 2K21 MT to play other modes than MTU. 2K team needs to make wonderful improvements as early as possible based on the player’s feedback.

Three-time NBA championship star Stephen Curry from Golden State Warriors was warmly welcomed by the Warriors fans as soon as he entered the game. American ESPN predicts that he will definitely become a member of the NBA Hall of Fame in the future. As a point guard, he has an enviable talent for three-pointers. He has made over 400 three-pointers in a single season, which is a feat no one has ever done. Players who love him are very willing to spend a lot of NBA 2K20 MT to get him.

Many 2K players who have already received Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry will collect him as a long-term investment. Those who do not have him need to spend 7,500 VC or 10,500 2K20 MT to buy the Buzzer Beater suit to get him from it. Players can also find the pink diamond version of Kings power forward Chris Webber and the diamond version of Celtic small forward Paul Pierce from the set.

It is worth mentioning that if players want to go to the auction house to get GO Curry at the auction price, then they need to have a lot of 2K20 MT reserves. As early as February of this year, his price has exceeded 700,000 2K20 MT. Players who want to buy him should consider whether to buy him based on their actual needs.

From a comprehensive point of view, there is no weak aspect of the Curry card. GO Curry, with 98 points of mid-range shooting ability and 99 points of three-point ability, can fully compete with the GO Ray Allen card. Every basketball fan knows that Ray Allen is the best shooter in NBA history. Fans who love Curry think Curry will surpass him as the best shooter in NBA history soon.

Although GO Curry’s stats other than shots don’t look so good, they are far above the point guard’s average attribute. Many players have already seen how powerful Curry is in 2K games. It is very worthwhile to Buy 2K21 MT to get GO Curry. The intense game requires the help of Curry’s powerful three-pointer!

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