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Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new update brings a popular cracking method in which players force ordinary trees to endure things other than fruits, such as fossils or the most notable fragments. Want to get a better gaming experience, get rid of repeated activities, Buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACBellsBuy, you will get an unprecedented excellent experience, we will serve you.

This move follows a highly controversial moment in the animal crossing mania, where players share "dream addresses" with each other, allowing fans to access their saved version of the island. It is worth noting that visitors will report to Nintendo that the player cheated the island with the star-shaped tree fragments to Nintendo. Caused the destruction of Dream Island, and even canceled the online link. Some people claimed that they were harassed or bullied by YouTubers viewers because they also reported the hacked islands and therefore made the game.

The reported phenomenon makes some people in the community feel uneasy because this kind of hacking is only seen as a cosmetic decoration. Players who invade the game know they are breaking the rules, but because Animal Crossing lacks competitiveness, many people think it is unfair for Nintendo to restrict their games. In other words, some people make money by distributing star trees, because most people cannot get them without running a modified version of the game.

According to those affected, the former star tree is now an ordinary money tree. Although Nintendo has unexpectedly taken this move, Nintendo has allowed similar hacks in previous games, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaves, but it should at least prevent people from competing for reported islands.

According to Nintendo’s instructions, the patch also addresses other issues:

Fixed an issue. After Menghuimeng returned to his island, the bright soil disappeared, and the buried bell appeared at that location.

Fixed an issue where the player would swing a spade in the air when trying to hit a rock placed in a specific location. is an excellent service provider in the Nook Miles Tickets industry and has been committed to providing excellent services to players. It is really convenient to Buy ACNH Bells.

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The latest update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to upload their islands to the Internet, and other fans can then access them in a fantastic state. But according to recent player reports, Nintendo has shown enthusiasm in dismantling islands that use any cheating or hacking methods, which dissatisfies those players who use their power mainly for decorative purposes. This has to be said that it is indeed very regrettable, for those players who Buy Animal Crossing Items in the store to decorate the island, the impact is not so great.

A popular hacking method is to adjust the trees so that they do not bear fruit, but display items such as star fragments, although other types of tree hacking methods are also possible. It is well known that fans display anything from fossils to heart-shaped crystals on felled trees. Some players even sell the trees to other devotees of New Horizons. But hackers can also do almost everything in the game, such as letting villagers live on your island.

When players use the newly released Dream Suite, the latest version of their island will be uploaded to the Internet-including all-star trees or other hacking methods. At the same time, Nintendo also provides users with the ability to report islands. One option is to flag any cheating or hacking. And, it seems that fans are taking advantage of it. For example, a mid-sized YouTuber produced a complete video about reports of an invaded island, although others seem to be taking on this responsibility.

As a result, New Horizons players are sharing the emails they received from Nintendo, informing them that the company removed its content due to a violation of the user agreement, or accusing their islands of being reported by the star tree. As a precaution, even if there is no report, some people even demolished islands with star-shaped debris trees uploaded before. After arriving for comment, Nintendo did not respond in time.

For the results, we still can’t get specific details. For players, you may not need hacking methods. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells. In stores like ACBellsBuy, the price is very cheap, safe, risk-free. You can have a wealth Choose to decorate your island.

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There are many files available for mining in Gigaleak. These files are a collection of leaked files in classic Nintendo games (such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World). It turns out that there are also documents for Nintendo’s original Animal Crossing game (named Dōbutsuno Mori), which was released in 2001. The enhanced version of Dōbutsuno Mori (called Dōbutsuno Mori +) was released in 2002 as Animal Crossing (GameCube). The game is distributed globally. To learn more interesting information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can follow ACBellsBuy, and you can also Buy Animal Crossing Bells in our store to assist your game and get better gaming experience.

The game developer named Matthew Lombardo, who was televised online, accessed the leaked files this week and posted their findings on Twitter. He said that Lombardo extracted a bunch of Dōbutsuno Mori character models and converted them into "visible things." So far, all the models he extracted have been uploaded to his website; "Animal Crossing": "New Horizons" fans may recognize a lot.

In the document, Lombardo found an unused villager named Cat13, who seemed to have never participated in an animal crossing game. We don't know much about her, it's just that she looks grumpy. However, as data miners continue to browse the Dōbutsuno Mori files, they can find more references to her.

According to Kotaku, in order to look better, Lombardo added the Cat13 model to Dōbutsuno Mori e +.

Cat13 (nicknamed Catty by Lombardo) joins Dōbutsuno Mori's tailored character list with Chestnut. Chestnut was found in the game file not long ago, but people speculated that she never intended to be a villager. Instead, data miners think she is actually a traveling character, such as Redd or Leif.

With Gigaleak, Animal Crossing fans may also get some answers from Chestnut-depending on what else the player finds when they dig into the big leak. ACBellsBuy will bring you the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons information, follow us, Buy Nook Miles Tickets at an affordable price.

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If you have played Animal Crossing: New Horizons at any time, you may be tired of "I caught the bass! No, wait—at least C+!" The bass is so common that many players start to hate the poor ocean Residents, the latter often deceive people into thinking that they may have found rare fish. But what if you don’t have to see another perch in Animal Crossing anymore? The more you continue, get the solution. Learn more about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Buy Animal Crossing Bells, follow ACBellsBuy.

These are the power of mods, such as the power of SmuggestGirl, which completely eradicates green cockroaches. "Thank you, not all heroes wear cloaks!" said one commenter on the mod page. Another person said: "It is now a shark, all of them are squid, olive flounder, and red snapper."

Interestingly, there is a completely opposite mod. SmuggestGirl seems to be the cause of confusion because they also developed the "only perch" mod, which made all other fish species extinct. So far, six brave souls have downloaded it.

On the more useful end, there is also a mod that can color-code the fish, so you know what will happen. Normal fish are yellow, while larger/sparse fish are red and purple. This way, you won't be surprised when you drop the reel.

Unfortunately, unless you are running a modified Switch or playing a simulated version of the game, you cannot experience any of these adjustments. The creators of Animal Crossing are constantly adjusting so that gamers can get a better quality of life, which brings not only the difference in potential experience but also surprising. This article is provided by for you, and players can also Buy ACNH Bells in our store to help you liberate your time and get better gaming experience.


The ocean in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was once the most mysterious place at the time of the game's release. The hidden depth is only hinted by the outline of the submerged rocks and is guaranteed by various fish scale specimens found near the shallow shore. Diversity of life. It wasn’t until July 3, when Nintendo’s summer renewal swept through the walls, that we sought out, the sandy toes and our thick tub exploration opened the ocean.

Animal Crossing's summer update introduces swimming into the game, and this is the right time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' relaxing island life is one of the best ways to realize the ordinary summer vacation fantasy. This is a relaxing game in which nothing really bad happens. When we began to be bound by our coastline, the game unfolded another layer, allowing us to jump into the sea and dive into the bottom. Your snorkeling mask will be mailed to you automatically-it is not needed for diving, but it still looks appropriate anyway. Then, you must go to the Nook twins' head office or residents' service department to purchase wetsuits in various colors and patterns. If you are missing materials, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells at ACBellsBuy, which is very convenient.

The dress-up party is fun, then the real swim. To do this, you have to run to any point on the island bordering the ocean, then press A to jump in-from the pier or one of the outcropping rocks, your character will bounce in, and from the beach, they will do more sliding, Dazzling movement to dabble. All you need to do is hold A and swipe left to indicate yourself until the game can move you forward. Sometimes, you will see a series of bubbles rising from the depths-swim deep, dive with Y, and collect any fabulous marine life hidden here, from anemones to octopuses to mantis shrimp. It is also easy to make money when Nook's Cranny sells these things. Underwater creatures are everywhere, and they will not even disappear, just like fish and insects, even if you have to dive a few times for them.

Sometimes, swimming itself makes sense, when you swing up and down in the waves, floating in the cool embrace of surfing, unable to touch in time, the rest of the world will only happen around you. This update provides players with more ways to play. In ACBellsBuy, players can Buy Animal Crossing Items at a very affordable price, you can have great gaming experience.