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The latest update of New Horizons launched the Fireworks Show over the weekend, and tickets can be redeemed through Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Players can enjoy a colorful performance on Sunday night. Of course, as the game allows players to use custom patterns to make fireworks, this makes the firework show very confusing.

Since its launch, the players of Animal Crossing have proven to be very creative. Some people used various tools of the game to reproduce scenes from movies and TV shows, while others used terrain modification to turn their islands into beautiful (or unconventional) masterpieces. It turns out that the firework show is no different, with players posting elaborate designs, memes and (predictably) NSFW content. Of course, because it is the Internet, there are memes. Custom fireworks are made using existing patterns, including fireworks imported from 3DS games via QR codes, so it’s easy to find almost all memes you can think of. A player especially combined "Surprised Pikachu", the two fireworks where the woman yelled at the cat, Elmo and Nicholas Cage in the flames, they have been circulating for some time.

Although "New Horizons" has many furniture and customization options, it also lacks some popular features and items. Including the frog chair, which is a clumsy and likable piece of furniture. Although it may not have officially appeared in the game, a fan chose to commemorate it with a custom firework, proving that it may have disappeared, but it has not been forgotten by people. Of course, not all custom fireworks are for entertainment. Some people choose to use this mechanism as an opportunity to express political speech and promote social justice, such as "black life issues."

The special fireworks are a tribute to fans' favorite characters. Since being introduced in "Wild World", Celeste has been associated with the sky and stars, and this player chose to place her face in the stars she likes very much to pay tribute to her. There will be four fireworks displays this month, and we can only look forward to the next competition. Knowing the animal crossing community will be another healthy combination of creativity, important statement. Can’t wait to get the ACNH Nook Miles Ticket and watch the fireworks show.

The second ACNH Bug Off Championship is here! Just this Saturday, there is still an event leading very happy players. Many players will use a lot of ACNH Buy Bells in the game. If you don't have time to get them, you can buy them directly from

If you have checked the message board next to "Resident Services" in the game in the past few days, you will see a message about the Bug Off event held on July 25. The role of the event is similar to the C.J fishing tournament earlier this year. However, the Bug Off event will return every fourth Saturday for the next few months, instead of returning every quarter like a fish.

The film is the responsibility of the event, and you will be responsible for collecting many errors in its collection. The first attempt is free, but each subsequent attempt will cost you 500 bales, so maybe you can consider selling some of the carrots you bought.

About ACNH Bug Off activities run from 9 am to 6 pm. I believe that many partners have already participated. However, if you want to capture and sell more items, it may take more time until 8 pm. Of course, many small partners do not need to be so tired, because they choose to Buy ACNH Bells directly on, which is very convenient and safe.

Walk around your island and Animal Crossing Items set three plots. The precise location isn't important, but be sure you enjoy where you put them. You'll have to spend thousands of Bells to maneuver them in the game. You will find a call from Tom Nook, when the job is finished. You'll be advised that a few rely without a ladder on resources only available up in the cliffs -- kind of a problem for anyone.

Tom Nook proceed its recipe along and will understand the issue. In which you will be able to craft your own ladder from four pieces of wood, hardwood, and softwood head on over to Resident Services. All told, this procedure will require around four times to complete. You can probably knock out the process in an afternoon by changing the date on your Switch if you're prepared to time traveling. This means that you don't need to worry about getting stranded in the jungle once a cliff've clambered up.

We all recall the unlikely-yet-incredible friendship that Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal formed in March intertwined thanks to precisely the same launch date. They say opposites attract, and opposites they certainly are. One match is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing -- more stressful, relentless, and another gory. The pair goes together like sweet and salty, peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde... well, you get the point.

Seeing music, you wouldn't feel that buy Animal Crossing Bells ukulele-driven island soda would go well with power metal, especially not in the exact same damn tune. But The Chalkeaters have pulled it off, blending the genres at a music video featuring our favorite characters from DOOM and Animal Crossing. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

jasmyn  clintonf
When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in March, a few weeks after the pandemic, many people thought the game was a relaxant, a yearning for peace and calm during the turbulent period of 2020.

The appeal of the game is its authenticity. Going to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, catching and trading is similar to real life. In any case, the authenticity of the game is somewhat reassuring. In the end, these lovely content can and has become a part of life, and then inevitably produce expectations. And this expectation is the core of "New Horizons". Every day starts when you walk out of the front door, where did you go the night before. Is there the same visitor every week, what lines of narrative; four fossils buried in that piece of soil, are different.

Of course, one might argue that all video games will eventually fall victim to unconscious repetition, but New Horizons makes it an ability, not a loophole. Only by filling the island can you achieve the goal of a five-star rating for your island. Having more things is a key indicator of the success of the game, so you are looking forward to your island again and again, hoping to get more things.

Random items actually fell from the sky or from the tree, and should be kept or sold. The number of items in possession is limited, and the number of animals that can be captured is limited. Players need different products to circulate in Nook’s Cranny, and use different clothes in the tailor shop of Able Sisters. I can wear a sequined blazer and pretend to be a stand-up comedian or a Viking in a helmet and boots.

To be honest, there is no end. After arriving at the five-star island, the incentives did not decrease, Isabelle congratulated you, and gave you a golden watering can recipe, and then you can make one. In this way, you have begun to look forward to new expectations, which is the attraction of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Almost all mysterious islands are different. You will be excited about an even slightly different apple or peach. This is a new type of apple that can be planted and picked.

The neighbors seem to be an exception: they move to your island in search of adventure, and then move to other places to continue. However, this choice is firmly in your hands, and you must decide whether to let these friends live another life or stay. Just like ACNH Bells, they will be your wealth.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is often positive. Players will share and trade fruits (for example, my peach is orange) and DIY recipes on social media. However, the New Horizons summer update allows players to accidentally splash into the ocean, which leaves a loophole for misbehaving visitors.

If tourists jump from the airport terminal into the sea, they can swim around any roadblock. Soon after the update, participants active in the trading community realized this risk and began to look for solutions. Others hope that Nintendo will be able to repair its ability to completely break away from the dock.

New Horizons participants are working hard to solve the problem. provides players with high-quality Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Tickets other hot-selling products. Players can purchase with confidence according to their needs.

Some players have "bodyguards" that help maintain order. Other players make exquisite fences on their islands, so they can easily manage visitors without risking others running around. Many players are not necessarily worried about the destruction of their islands, but they are uneasy about the destruction of trust by these bad actors.

If players need to trade, they can go to the website, where you can ACNH Buy Bells or you can buy a combination set. Very cheap and very suitable for players.

New Horizons provides several effective ways to produce many bells in a short time. These are some of the most effective methods we have found.

Five rocks are scattered on each island. Hitting most of them with a spade or ax will produce a stone or iron block, but one of the rocks will produce Cheap ACNH Items when hit.

When you first leave the island, you will notice that fruit is growing. It is randomly selected from five options: cherry, apple, peach, pear, and orange. This is your "local" fruit, which sells for 100 bells per piece. Not terrible but not very good.

Now, if you manage to get one of the four non-native fruits and bring them back to your island, these fruits are priced at 500 bells.

When buy Nook tickets, you may find non-native fruit trees on various Nook islands discovered earlier. Bring the fruit back to your island and harvest it in a few days. You can also choose to ACNH Buy Bells from to save a lot of time.

If you have friends playing, this process will become easier. Not only can you collect your friends’ native fruits and sell them in town, but you can also bring them and sell them for 500 bells in their town.

You can catch bugs on the island or talk to neighbors to do missions, and earn Nook Miles by completing various goals and normal game missions. You can make money by completing various activities in the game, and then you can buy new furniture, decorations, hairstyles, and other furniture that cannot be purchased with Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells

In addition to doing tasks, you can also buy Nook Miles tickets from the Nook station served by residents. Is it worth visiting a barren island? No, you can harvest resources such as wood or iron nuggets and convince the villagers to join your beautiful island. You can find all kinds of goods on New Island, so make sure you have increased your inventory to bring back a lot of cool things.

These challenges will appear at the top of the Nook Miles app and will scroll each time you complete the app. You will have 5 at any given time, and each time you complete a collection and get a reward, it will disappear and be replaced by another in the same pool.

This is a very interesting event. If you don’t have enough time, then I recommend you to buy Nook Miles Tickets on ACBellsBuy, this is a website dedicated to animal crossing trading services, where you can find what you want Products, this is the fastest way.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players should prepare to dive. Nook Inc. brand diving suits can be purchased through Nook Miles. If you need ACNH Bells, you can choose to get them from

The Nook-themed wetsuit is full-length in colorful turquoise and black, with the classic Nook logo on the front. The "wetsuit" item will be added to Nook's Cranny. For players who would rather spend the bells on Nook Miles, it will cost 3,000 bells.

After purchasing a wetsuit, in addition to swimming and diving, players can also enjoy many marine activities. Many new sea creatures can be discovered and donated to Blathers' museum, such as starfish, scallops, and spotted garden eels.

Swimmers may also encounter the new actor Pascal (Pascal) in the ocean, looking for fishing friends in the sea. Buy ACNH Bells on can enjoy great discounts and help you improve game efficiency.

Tom Nook will charge you 5,000 Nook Miles (or about 50,000 Bells) for the joy of moving to his island. You'll need to take care of this obligation on the main day. It shouldn't be a lot of work, as you'll be rounding up Nook Miles just by finishing different goals (gathering 10 bugs, selling Clumps of Grass, and so forth.). You'll finish a large number of these targets easily, yet don't hesitate to glance through your Nook Phone to check whether there are any assignments close enough. 

Ensure you address Nook a while later and acknowledge his proposal to assemble you a house, too.

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In the event that you don't approach this occasion, there is no should be miserable. All things considered, there are bunches of fascinating things for you to investigate in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is safe to say that you are shy of Animal Crossing Bells to get positive things? offers you the great things with modest value, quick conveyance, safe exchange and obliging client assistance. With more than 9 years of experience, we are focused on giving great game assets and best client care. We have what you need and that's just the beginning!


It seems that you cannot stay in good condition for a long time. Three months after the top of the Nintendo Switch eShop, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was briefly dismantled by Minecraft Dungeons, an isometric dungeon crawling RPG for the production studio that produced the super popular Animal Crossing Bells. Now, about a week later, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is back at the top of the leaderboard, comfortably at the top of the Switch eShop.

After "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", the Clubhouse game appeared, which is a series of simple and interesting games, most of which are public domain games for local multiplayer games. My World Dungeon (Minecraft Dungeons) is currently in third place, and I really don’t want it to rebound soon. Clubhouse Games may have briefly risen to the first place, but if I didn't notice, it would become the first place. Animal hybridization: "New Horizons" is a difficult animal to beat.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is basically a toy house where players can collect and arrange furniture, villagers, trees and flowers to build their own exclusive island and visit for a few minutes or a few hours a day. But its history will now be permanently linked to the COVID-19 crisis, just as it appeared when the blockade began in most parts of the world.

This game was originally designed to escape, but it happens when many people are desperate to escape. It reached a level of financial success unheard of in the series and was once the most popular game in the world.

Now, I just want to know how long it will last: since the outbreak in March and April, interest has gradually diminished, but this is not because people stop playing games. New events are coming, new seasons are appearing in both hemispheres, and there is a lot of content for those who still want to live on a charming island with some anthropomorphic animal friends. I bet that Buy ACNH Bells will continue until Paper Mario: "Origami King" comes out.

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