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The long-running Nintendo smartphone product Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been updated with a new pair of augmented reality features. The first is an AR camera, which allows you to place and shoot characters and furniture in the game in the real world. At the same time, the AR cabin function allows players to decorate the virtual cabin, fill in the character, and then view it in augmented reality through a smartphone.

Along with all the new AR modes, Nintendo says the update means more parts of each campsite can offer furniture and 
ACNH Nook Miles Ticketsplaced within them. 

According to the same support document, "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp can not be downloaded or played on devices that no longer supported." The change has left some players furious. The replies for the official Pocket Camp Twitter account are plagued by complaints from players who can no more access the game as soon as they update. A particular problem looks like it's the requirement for a 64-bit Android device, by incorporating players reporting that they're can not run the action on their 64-bit hardware due to a 32-bit os.

Nintendo says that save data might be transferred to a different device if players already have linked their Nintendo Accounts making use of their game. When setting up a whole new device, you'll have to select the "Link Nintendo Account" option when starting the sport for the first time, which can let you import the present save data. Note that Leaf Tickets, an in-game currency that is usually purchased with real cash, can not be transferred between Android and iOS devices.

Coinciding together with the update, Nintendo is providing a free month on the "Furniture Fashion Plan," that offers benefits like expanded storage for items plus the chance to 
Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and clothing. The subscription normally costs $7.99 for 30 days. On the other hand, if you are a player who does not have a device to experience the game, Nintendo recommends that you must cancel any in-game subscriptions to offset future costs. is a platform that provides ticket transactions. Our website provides players with the most stable resources. If you are visiting our website for the first time and do not have enough confidence in our website, then it is recommended that you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.

On Nov. 19, a totally free update will arrive for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, introducing holiday events and enhancements, providing you with opportunities to interact with friends and family and revel in island life using your Animal Crossing: New Horizons residents. Let us consider the new updates.

Turkey Day will be held on November 26, when the top chef Franklin will arrive and celebrate in the square. You can help Franklin collect ingredients and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to put in the dishes that will be displayed in the square. You can even get a gift from Franklin to thank you for helping him cook.

Toy Day – You might notice your island and plaza gradually progressively more festive with holiday-themed decorations within the coming weeks. From Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, you'll manage to purchase toys from Nook's Cranny and locate holiday-themed clothing for the Able Sisters shop. When it's officially Toy Day on Dec. 24, Jingle can pay a special stop by at your island to spread holiday cheer. If you help him deliver presents, you'll also obtain a gift!

Reactions and the hairstyles-This update will provide nine new reactions, which can be obtained by redeeming Nook Miles using the Nook Stop terminal in the resident service. By redeeming Nook Miles on the Internet, you will also get six new hairstyle choices, so you can express yourself at any time and let your personality glow!

Home Storage Upgrade – If you've expanded your in-game to the location of its largest size and paid back your debt, you'll now be capable of applying for a home storage expansion by talking to Tom Nook at Resident Services. Congrats on experiencing the next level of homeownership. This will expand your property storage to 2400 slots. Think of all the items it's simple to store and access in the comfort of your island home!

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In Animal Crossing, there are many types of insects. Different types of insects represent different values. Selling some high-value insects can give you some lucrative bell income. If you can catch these insects, congratulations to you. Sell them to get a lot of ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and bells. This article takes you to understand those high-value insects.

Horned Hercules. The Horned Hercules was initially introduced within the Japan-exclusive Animal Forest. It is really a rare bug with one of the biggest values inside the series. Originally, it turned out only situated on the Private Island in Animal Forest on fruit trees until Wild World, where it may now be situated on palm trees.

Giraffe Stag. The Giraffe Stag is usually a new bug that sported New Horizons and is particularly one of the most valuable bugs inside the game, tying using the Golden Stag and also the Horned Hercules. It is accessible in only July and August from 5 PM to 8 AM, and you may find them about the sides of palm trees. It gets its name from the huge jaws. It is also considered to be among the largest stag beetles in the world.

Scarab Beetle. Probably one of many prettiest bugs inside the game, the Scarab Beetle is also the most valuable in New Horizons. This "golden" beetle utilized to only sell for 6000 Bells but has turned into a much more worthwhile prize for bug hunters.

It can be located on the side of trees from 11 PM to 8 AM. The scarab within the series is based on the ones seen in South America rather than the approaches found in Egypt and depicted in Ancient Egyptian culture.

Horned Elephant. The Horned Elephant originally called the Elephant Beetle, made its first appearance in Wild World. It's regarded as being a rare bug, though it's one of many more commonly found rare bugs. You can discover their whereabouts on the sides of trees starting July through August.

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As an important part of the Animal Crossing, tickets play an important role in the game. Today I will introduce to novice players the role of tickets and some conventional methods of obtaining tickets.

Tickets in the game actually have a similar function to real tickets, allowing you to travel from one place to another. In the game, you can use an ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to fly from the original island to another randomly generated island.

If you are a single player and want to grow some rare fruits, and there are no rare fruits on your own island, then you need to buy a ticket to dig for fruits on the material island. On the material island, you can not only get some rare fruits but also meet other villagers. As the game progresses, you can invite them to live on your island.

The most important purpose of the material island is to obtain material. Because the island where you first live has limited resources, it is difficult to provide sustainable materials for the development of the island. If you need some additional materials, you can use the ticket to collect them on other islands.

In Animal Crossing, there are several ways to obtain a ticket.

First, players can earn miles by completing tasks and achievements, and 2000 miles can be exchanged for a ticket. However, the number of miles that players can get every day is similar, and only a few of them can be obtained in a day after completing all tasks.

Second, players need to pay attention to that all the ways to brush a lot of tickets are obtained through the use of game bugs, not a normal way to obtain them. If you are interested, you can look for these bugs. There may be unexpected gains.

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Halloween is approaching, and when the holiday is approaching, Animal Crossing also brings a new version. After the update, players can start playing Halloween events on October 1st. Although the real Halloween party needs to wait until the night of October 31st, we need to prepare for the event in advance. So what do we need to do?

Buy candies

Starting from October 1st, players can buy candies in the Nook store. Each person can only buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets per day, which means that everyone needs to remember to log in to the game every day in the following days! At present, the effect of eating candy is the same as eating fruit. By the time of the Halloween party on October 31st, you can play trick or treat with candies and animal islanders!

Dress up

Of course, you have to dress up for the Halloween party. After the update of Animal Crossing, some Halloween-themed costumes will be added. Players can go to the costume store to find "ABLE SISTERS" to buy. "ABLE SISTERS" will also provide the witch and zombie style costumes!

Put on makeup

In addition, clothes alone are not enough to enter the show. We can get face painting and colored contact lenses in the "Nook Miles Redemption"! Remind everyone: After the character's whole body becomes white, it is very emotional!

Grow pumpkins

After the game is updated, we can purchase pumpkin seedlings in the Nook store. After you plant the pumpkin seedlings, you can harvest the pumpkins in three days. Pumpkin is an important material for making Halloween DIY manuals. You can also purchase the Halloween DIY manuals in the Nook store. In addition, players can also use pumpkins to transform Halloween furniture. Since pumpkins have four colors, DIY furniture can also be transformed into four different colors.

The ten known Halloween furniture is very beautiful, and they are very atmospheric to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets! This furniture including a pumpkin arch, pumpkin scarecrow, pumpkin tower, pumpkin street lamp, pumpkin dessert plate, pumpkin table, pumpkin chair, pumpkin lantern, pumpkin guardrail, and pumpkin shelf.

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There are many files available for mining in Gigaleak. These files are a collection of leaked files in classic Nintendo games (such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World). It turns out that there are also documents for Nintendo’s original Animal Crossing game (named Dōbutsuno Mori), which was released in 2001. The enhanced version of Dōbutsuno Mori (called Dōbutsuno Mori +) was released in 2002 as Animal Crossing (GameCube). The game is distributed globally. To learn more interesting information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can follow ACBellsBuy, and you can also Buy Animal Crossing Bells in our store to assist your game and get better gaming experience.

The game developer named Matthew Lombardo, who was televised online, accessed the leaked files this week and posted their findings on Twitter. He said that Lombardo extracted a bunch of Dōbutsuno Mori character models and converted them into "visible things." So far, all the models he extracted have been uploaded to his website; "Animal Crossing": "New Horizons" fans may recognize a lot.

In the document, Lombardo found an unused villager named Cat13, who seemed to have never participated in an animal crossing game. We don't know much about her, it's just that she looks grumpy. However, as data miners continue to browse the Dōbutsuno Mori files, they can find more references to her.

According to Kotaku, in order to look better, Lombardo added the Cat13 model to Dōbutsuno Mori e +.

Cat13 (nicknamed Catty by Lombardo) joins Dōbutsuno Mori's tailored character list with Chestnut. Chestnut was found in the game file not long ago, but people speculated that she never intended to be a villager. Instead, data miners think she is actually a traveling character, such as Redd or Leif.

With Gigaleak, Animal Crossing fans may also get some answers from Chestnut-depending on what else the player finds when they dig into the big leak. ACBellsBuy will bring you the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons information, follow us, Buy Nook Miles Tickets at an affordable price.

ACNH Buy Bells

When players are tired of the content of the game, the addition of new features will bring you a new experience, and the timing of Nintendo's update is perfect. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" due to the lack of new content, developers recently announced an update on July 3, which added major new features. This makes people look forward to, want to not miss the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons related information, pay attention to ACBellsBuy, not only have various strategies, but you can also Buy ACNH Bells at an affordable price.

The most obvious are swimming and diving. This option previously appeared in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" and will debut in the Nintendo Switch title. Players need to wear a wetsuit to swim and dive around the island. Players can't go far, but they can hug the coast and find new sea creatures to add to their museum, which may even frighten Blathers.

In addition to swimming, Pascal (Red Sea Otter) will also appear in "New Horizons". He likes scallops. If players find scallops, they can trade them to him to make recipes with the theme of a mermaid.

Finally, Gulliver has a wardrobe change. His dress is more like a pirate, helping him to get special rewards from players. Although his task of finding the correspondent’s work is sometimes superfluous, it is indispensable for obtaining the gold shovel as a reward. It was good to see Gulliver washed away on the beach.

In summary, "New Horizons" looks like it will continue to keep fans busy. Being able to swim provides new opportunities to explore the game and creates new ways to create more bells in the game. If you just want to experience the game, instead of wasting too much time to collect Animal Crossing Bells, then it is recommended that you buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells at ACBellsBuy, which only requires little cost and brings more happiness.

This feature may inspire some players to redesign their islands and make full use of the rocky coast and pier, which looks like a starting point for swimming. The function itself looks good, you can switch the game to a bird's-eye view so that players can jump to the bottom to pick up the red starfish and other creatures.

There is also some interesting news about possible future updates, including the possibility of fruits and vegetables, seafood, cooking, and the third upgrade to Nook Cranny.
Celeste is an interesting supporting role in "Animal Crossing", but she still has some unsolved problems for her.

One of the best aspects of the new animal crossing game is how cute all animal villagers and tourists are. From villagers like Dom and Zucker to the popular pop star KK Slider, game fans are so cute for all the friendly little animals. One of the sweetest island tourists is Celeste, a pink and brown little owl with astronomical knowledge everywhere.

Smart visitors are loved for their cuteness and her rich space-themed DIY recipes. Many of Celeste's things, from her desire to share gifts to her rich academic qualifications, made the players unknown. The following are about animal crossing: 10 unresolved issues for visitors to New Horizons, many players find them curious. Continue to follow ACBellsBuy for more detailed content. If you are also an Animal Crossing player, you can Buy ACNH Bells on our website, which will help you get the best gaming experience and save a lot of time.

How old is she?

If Celeste did go to college, it would be her age. Her cute face looks young and sweet, but her knowledge is so rich, it may be much older than the player imagines. She was also bigger than Blathers, but did not say how many years. Although there is no information to confirm or deny, the little pink owl may be the oldest and smartest character in the animal traversing world. Moreover, is she and Blathers age human or owl?

Where does she live?

Celeste used to be a resident of the player’s town in previous games. At the time, these museums had observatories, but in New Horizons, she only appeared occasionally, whether on a meteor shower night or at other randomly generated times. This begs the question: Where do girls who like stars live? She may be working at the observatory on the nearest mainland or nearby islands.

Since she and her brother have never been too far apart in the animal crossing game, it would be most meaningful to live nearby, although she did not mention her home in the latest issue.

Where did she study astronomy?

Celeste is very smart in her field. She worked in the observatory in the previous "Animal Crossing" game, proving that she is qualified to work in the field of astronomy. She is the sister of Blathers and she knows very much about other important things like fossils, artwork, bugs, and fish. She is a hard-working adult who has accumulated rich knowledge over the years. But, did she and Blathers learn by reading reference texts, or did they go to school to get a degree? Other villagers mentioned their school time, which means that the owl could have gone to a university and became as smart as in the competition.

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